Self-Publisher’s World: What NOT to Do in the Self-Publishing Industry

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April 11, 2016

Common Challenges to Avoid in Self-Publishing and How to Overcome Them

Do you consider yourself a self-publisher? If yes, how versed are you in battling with the common problems faced by authors like you in the publishing world? Can you do it without harming your product and reputation?

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Whether you like it or not, problems will spring along in your journey. To prevent all these things from happening, check out the following ideas encountered by a number of self-published authors like you.

Book Marketing

There are tons of things you can do to efficiently and effectively market your book. But, here’s a few that you should avoid.

Aiming for a general audience

Having no clear idea of your target market is a great danger. For instance, it will likely push you to market your book to a general audience. Doing this means missing your chance to effectively communicate your message.

To avoid this, get a clear idea of your target market. This will help you establish a vivid message for the right audience.

Publishing your book before it’s ready

Most self-publisher’s common mistake is failing to properly assess whether the book is ready for publishing or not. With an efficient marketing plan, the book might sell a few hundreds of copies in a year, but after that, no more.

To escape this loophole, ensure that your book has undergone proper developmental editing. Great story makes readers want to come back for more. Your first book can be the stepping stone for selling your second book. “Content is king” as they say. Why? That is because a great content is helpful in establishing a solid readership.

Next, craft an effective marketing promotion for your book. Optimize your book’s back copy. Redesign your cover into an attractive one. Gather positive reviews by entering your book in contests or by providing free copies to negotiate with bloggers and reviewers for free reviews.

This may take quite of your time, but remember what matters is getting your book out in the market ready. On the other hand, you can also buy services from self-publishing companies that will keenly do all these things for you.

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Use of copyrighted materials such as images, graphics, texts, music lyrics, brand names, and trademarks

Using copyrighted materials without permission

Your book is selling well and starts to get a reputation when suddenly you receive an email accusing you of copyright infringement. Now, are you going to argue that what you copied should be considered as “Fair Use?”

I believe that the meaning of copyright infringement is not beyond your knowledge. Most of you are in self-publishing because you planned for a cost-effective manner to get your book distributed. Consequently, it becomes a customary mistake to include in your book some photographs, graphics, texts, lyrics, and etc., that are not commercially free to use.

Though Fair Use excuses one of copyright violations, it is an author’s responsibility to determine whether the usage of the copyrighted material can be ruled out as Fair Use or not. If you insist on not seeking a lawyer’s advice, oblige yourself to determine the guidelines for Fair Use.

Failing to register your own copyright

One of your loyal readers calls your attention about a certain blog with a recently-published content that is allegedly the same as yours that was published several months ahead. Imagine this happening with your book’s content. How will you fight for your own work when you have not even registered your own copyright?

Right now, I can see your eyes grow bigger as this situation enlightens you about the significance of copyrights. Examine the situation. To get a fair fight, patent your work. Email the concerned party of the alleged infringement or consult a lawyer.

Self-publishing a book may be physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially taxing, but you know that it’ll be worth it. Just be meticulous enough to mind those simple things that may get you in trouble.



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