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A Sneak Peek into LitFire’s Audio book Publishing Services

The fast-paced lifestyle and the rise of digital audio players have given way to the upsurge of audiobooks. Currently, it is the fastest growing publishing market with over 34% percent growth in sales. According to the data provided by the firm Management Practice, the blast of digital audiobook sales is unbelievable, with general income reaching Continued

Newbie Author’s Guide: How to Protect Yourself from Publishing Scams and Shady Investments

LitFire’s marketing specialist, Richard Stephens, answers burning questions about the self-publishing company. LitFire Publishing, a self-publishing company which opened its doors in 2008, now offers several digital and print publishing services to authors. With hundreds of book titles under their belt, every newbie author would want to know how it is working with LitFire. Marketing Continued

How to Solve Book Promotion Problems

When Authors Run into Book Promotion Problems, They Can Always Find Solutions Online It is natural for self-published authors to hit a wall whenever they promote their works. They are, after all, writers, who are not necessarily seasoned marketers or promoters. In general, the main problem writers encounter is that their promotional efforts are just Continued