Newbie Author’s Guide: How to Protect Yourself from Publishing Scams and Shady Investments

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August 10, 2016

LitFire’s marketing specialist, Richard Stephens, answers burning questions about the self-publishing company.

LitFire Publishing, a self-publishing company which opened its doors in 2008, now offers several digital and print publishing services to authors. With hundreds of book titles under their belt, every newbie author would want to know how it is working with LitFire.

Marketing specialist Richard Stephens answers some of the most frequently asked topics about LitFire.

How does LitFire help newbie authors publish a book?

We always prioritize our authors’ ideas, no matter how radical they are. However, we always want our newbie authors to understand self-publishing as a whole and its difference from traditional publishing. As such, we always recommend a thorough coaching and review first.

How do you handle author opinions?

Ultimately, it all boils down to the author’s choice, but we always give authors more options or alternatives. There are ideas that may be harmful to author’s brands that is why we always recommend compromise—we make sure authors get what they want, and we still get to do our jobs.

How do you start the publication process, provided newbie authors are ready to publish?

Authors should know what services they need. If manuscripts are publication-ready, LitFire conducts a manuscript evaluation first. Once the manuscript is free from grammar errors and inconsistencies in style, the illustration process of the book’s cover then comes next. We want our authors to keep their lines open so we can get their approval for every stage.

Do you also offer book publicity services?

Oh, yes. A lot. Most of our authors are in for various book campaigns. We participate in regional and international book fairs. Authors deserve that spotlight.

What package do you recommend to newbies?

For a start, starting authors can check out the basic publishing packages. Soon enough, they will discover several services that they thought they didn’t need, so we also offer add-on services.

What is your advice to newbie authors regarding publishing scams?

A true self-publishing company does not guarantee a rich-quick scheme, which offers a ridiculously small investment and promises high and long-term book sales.

No. Book sales will not just show up by just depositing money into a publishing house and expecting that it will work on its own. Authors should work hard too.

There is an arduous long process in self-publishing, but LitFire always, always make sure that authors are part of everything we do.

How do you handle bogus online blogs about LitFire?

Like any other publishing house, we have been subject to doubt and hate.

What I know, and can guarantee to newbie authors, is that our current authors are happy with their publishing experience with us. If you want to check out LitFire publishing reviews from the people who’ve actually tried publishing with us, visit LitFirePub on Twitter, or you could visit our Youtube account, LitFire Publishing.

We have met and helped our authors with their campaigns for book festivals, and they have nothing but nice words to say.

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  1. Jean McCarthy

    I am a new self-published Author of a Children’s Book. I am working on exposure & Sales. Any suggestions or opportunities for my book would be most helpful. Thank you for your time. I posted a pic on your website.
    Jean McCarthy

    • Admin

      Hi, Jean!
      We offer marketing for published authors. If you can leave us your contact number, we would like to talk to you about our bespoke Author Brand Management Program.


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