How to Solve Book Promotion Problems

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August 4, 2016

When Authors Run into Book Promotion Problems, They Can Always Find Solutions Online

It is natural for self-published authors to hit a wall whenever they promote their works. They are, after all, writers, who are not necessarily seasoned marketers or promoters. In general, the main problem writers encounter is that their promotional efforts are just ineffective and don’t seem to yield results. It takes quite a while to promote your book.

But authors seem to forget that nowadays, promotion has become easier, due to the presence of the internet. This is a game-changer in the world of book publicity, because there exists a vast audience online!

By that, the best solution you can go for in today’s world is to build a great online presence. But how do you do that? What are some techniques you can look into in marketing books that allow you to be more discoverable among users online?

Here’s your blueprint to getting your online book promotion solved.

Solution #1: Content

Bill Gates himself once said that “content is king.” What he said still holds true to this day. In modern marketing, content can be considered the most important aspect of marketing a product or service. By writing quality content that provides valuable information about your book to readers, they’ll be more inclined to checking out your work.

Don’t limit yourself to conventional sales writing methods. Empathize with your potential readers and let them know how you can fulfill their desire for the genre they’re looking for, using customer-centric information.

Solution #2: Search Engine Visibility

A lot of us are probably familiar with search engine optimization, which consists of techniques that help rank your site in search engines. Every time a potential reader wants to search for books online, they’d most likely start with Google. Setting the right keywords they would most likely type in and using them accordingly will help in making your site more visible to them.

There are tools available online that can help your website rank. Google has its own analytics app to help you keep track of how well your site is doing. Keyword planners are also easily accessible. Using the right techniques to promote your book can help in making you more discoverable to an online audience.

Solution #3: Social Media Presence

Everyone’s on social media! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there’s a vast audience of potential readers that you could actually attract. By building a profile or page for yourself, or to advertise your book, it’d be easier for you to reach out to your readers. Engaging with your potential readers will entice them to actually take a look at your book.

social media presence

Teasing them with previews and materials, among others, can also drive them to check out your work. By building a strong presence on social media, you’re sure to reach out to more people who are readily available. Interacting with them will make them feel valued!

Solution #4: Blogging

You can write. So why not do some more writing when promoting a book? Coming up with blog posts that provide a good amount of information, yet will still leave readers wanting more, is a great way to promote yourself as an author. Not only will blog posts provide valuable content for your readers, they will also help you rank higher on search engines.

You can blog about what your book is all about, and you can put up teasers for readers. You can talk about your book more or less in detail, while still leaving enough space for your audience to look deeper. Blogging also requires skill, so if you can empathize with what your readers want to skim through, then you’re getting there.

Many self-publishing companies now offer book promotion services, aside from their usual packages. But ideally, free book promotion by yourself is always the best approach to be more cost-effective.

Are you now considering the steps to solve ineffective marketing efforts? Then, go ahead and get started!

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