Authors to Squeeze Their Way into the Beijing International Book Fair

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July 1, 2016

Gathering hundreds of thousands of booksellers, readers, authors, and enthusiasts, the Beijing International Book Fair is now on its 23rd year, and is stronger than ever.

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LitFire participates at London Book Fair 2016


The book show is the perfect opportunity for authors to highlight their works, and to expose themselves to publishers, readers, and others in the publishing industry. Authors will be given the chance to show their full potential, especially among bookworms who are looking for something new.

Exhibitors are expected to display works of various authors and possibly give opportunities for writers who want to have their works published. By that, the book exhibition is the perfect chance for anyone looking to share their works with others.

Book festivals and fairs have always given authors the propensity to display and share their books, developing both talent and readership in a growing world. With China’s vast population, the untapped Chinese market may well be an excellent pick for growing an audience of prospective readers who are yet to discover the works of authors from across the globe.

With publishers such as LitFire Publishing and others joining the lineup and book fair companies participating in the whole event, authors will be given a wide variety of offers to be published.

The 2016 Beijing International Book Fair will run from the August 24–28, at the China International Exhibition Center, Shunyi District in Beijing, China, and will be open to everyone who wishes to view different works by different authors.



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