7 Qualities You Need to Avoid to Become a Travel Writer

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August 23, 2017

How can you become a successful travel writer?

Great travel writers don’t just showcase the countries they have visited, the sights they have seen, and the food they have tasted.

Renowned travel writers are celebrated for the insightful messages conveyed in their writing – their understanding of a culture and the realizations they have gained in their travels.

Always remember that travel writers become well-known figures when their writing is able to make an impact on their readers’ lives.

Your writing will be appreciated by multitudes once you are able to inspire readers to appreciate life for its wonders and motivate them to see the world’s beauty for themselves.

If you want to be good at travel writing, you must exude all the necessary qualities of a travel writer.

Strive to dismiss the following qualities if you intend to become a successful travel writer:

Don’t be…

1. Pessimistic

Pessimism takes the fun out of anything. If you let it, it can ruin your entire vacation.

Once your mood is spoiled, you won’t get to live in the moment. That, of course, will be a problem because your content is supposed to be fueled by your experiences.

Although you can always write about the mishaps you’ve encountered in your trips, writing solely about the things that went wrong won’t be as effective as writing about the things that made you happy.

Focus on having a good time, so you can have worthwhile experiences to write about.

2. Indifferent


Indifference means there’s an absence of passion. If you can’t even motivate yourself, how do you expect to make a positive impact on other people’s lives?

3. Lethargic

Your hotel room might make you want to live there for the rest of your entire life, but if you truly want to write something meaningful, you will have to leave that comfortable place.

Lounging by the pool will get you the tan you have always wanted, but it won’t make you an interesting travel writer.


Get up! Explore! Seek out adventures!

4. Non-inquisitive

Don’t simply take photos of picturesque sights. Learn the city’s history! There’s always something more valuable behind that beautiful façade.

Talk to the locals! Ask them about their city, their culture, or their day-to-day lives.

Travel writing makes an impact when you write something worth sharing. Your next story might be lurking in the streets, waiting for you to discover it.

So, be curious.

Moreover, the locals know their city. They can tell you where to go and what to do. It won’t hurt to stray from touristy activities.

5. Ignorant

Prejudice won’t get you to win the hearts of the masses. When you travel, you should be ready to experience and see cultures, traditions, and beliefs that are different from yours.

Don’t be narrow-minded. You should also know how to present facts in the right light. For instance, when you travel, you will see poverty, sexism, and racism.

You can’t simply attack a culture for their long-standing beliefs. Blatantly stating facts won’t get you to spark change in your readers.

6. Obnoxious


Are you using social media to promote your writing career? If you’re not, then you should!

Post those photographs on Instagram!

Tweet about your journey! Social media is a great way to gain a loyal following and gain support from various travel writers.

Once you’ve gained sufficient followers, you will find that a great deal of them won’t be scared to voice out their opinions about your writing, your travels, or the subject of your travels – the people you’ve met, and the countries you’ve been to.

Sometimes they will come off as rude, so keep it together.

7. Unappreciative


You should learn to be a better photographer so you can represent stunning sceneries in your photographs.

Pair your write-ups with high-quality photographs.

But don’t be too fixated on taking the perfect shot that you actually forget to enjoy the moment.

Look up! See the beauty before you, and reflect.

How did this trip affect you? What does traveling mean to you?

You don’t have to narrate every detail of your adventures.

You don’t have to tell the world about what you had for breakfast before your flight.

You can simply tell your readers about what you’ve learned on this trip.

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