A Sneak Peek into LitFire’s Audio book Publishing Services

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August 11, 2016

The fast-paced lifestyle and the rise of digital audio players have given way to the upsurge of audiobooks. Currently, it is the fastest growing publishing market with over 34% percent growth in sales. According to the data provided by the firm Management Practice, the blast of digital audiobook sales is unbelievable, with general income reaching over $1.77 billion in the past year. The popularity of this previously underrated niche market has turned into a win-win situation for both authors and publishing CEOs. With this, numerous digital audiobook downloads are helping the publishing industry to boom. Join the bandwagon and widen your readership base. Convert your manuscript into a professionally narrated audiobook.

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Why turn your book into an audiobook?

  • Wide readership base

For the past decade, audiobooks have become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the publishing market. Audiobooks particularly cater to:

*Travelers who like a form of entertainment, but can’t be bothered to read
*Teachers who like to try new educational materials such as audio textbooks
*Moms who listen to books while doing household chores
*Sports fanatics who prefer listening to a story while running on a treadmill
*Anyone who takes pleasure in reading but leads a busy life

  • Increased book sales

Wide readership means a bigger paycheck. Plus, each time a reader downloads your audiobooks online, a substantial amount of money goes to your income. This does not include your printed book and e-book sales.

  • Good option for non-readers

Each person has their own unique way of literary work consumption. Some prefer physical books while others audiobooks.

  • Lesser competition

The audiobook niche market is definitely growing. However, the competition in the industry is not that extreme yet. The market is apparently smaller compared to physical books and e-books, thus making it easier for readers to find and buy your audiobook.

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What can LitFire do?

LitFire takes pride in housing professional producers and talented actors who will work as a team to bring pieces together. LitFire will handle the whole audiobook publishing process: from book recording, audiobook editing, to distribution.

How does audiobook publishing process works?

LitFire’s audiobook publishing process starts with the Consultation Phase where our publishing specialist contacts the author via phone or e-mail.  To ensure that the author and LitFire are on the same page, there will be a thorough discussion about the production details and the visions that the author has for his audiobook.

Once everything is set, LitFire will provide a Preview in a form of an audiobook snippet. The sample is still subject to author’s approval. This is the perfect time for authors to raise their suggestions and make alterations, should there be any.

Finally, when the sample is approved, the Publishing Process will start. The length and duration of the publishing process is dependent on the book’s genre and format. The finished audiobook will be available on Amazon, Spotify, Barnes&Noble, and other leading online retailers.

LitFire’s audiobook publishing services has been the go-to self-publishing company for many authors. LitFire may be the new kid in the industry, but LitFire is determined to deliver quality products that provide satisfaction for both readers and authors.