Ways to Spot Grammar Mistakes

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June 3, 2016

English grammar mistakes are more common than we think. Writers need to double-check on their own grammatical errors to prevent embarrassing results. Some would go as far as hiring editors and proofreaders to make sure their writing is immaculate. Yet they also need to know how to polish their grammar in sentences they write.

grammar mistakes
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Most authors do write in English, and there are certain rules they need to follow to make sure their writing is flawless. However, even the smartest people can still commit grammatical mistakes when it comes to practicing their craft.

Yes, it may seem uncommon for you, but it actually happens more frequently than you think! That’s right—even the best writers can commit grammatical errors.

Below are some of the more common grammar mistakes.

1. They’re, Their, and There

In grammar and usage, you may have encountered this many times. It can be confusing, especially when they sound the same. However, making this mistake does make you look silly. Remember: there refers to where, their refers to a group, and they’re is a conjunction of they are.

2. You’re and Your

The same as the above, people easily confuse these two. However, the rule between the use of you’re and your is actually quite simple: you’re is a conjunction of you are and your refers to someone. Grammatical errors in English often suffer from this issue, you can always remedy it.

3. Passive Voice

While the use of passive voice can be unavoidable, it’s best to keep it minimal. Passive voice makes your sentences sound weak and lazy. It can be jarring, especially in fiction writing. Practice using active sentences to keep readers interested, keeping rules of grammar in mind.

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4. Apostrophe Confusion

We use apostrophes either for conjunction or possession. But sometimes, writers use them for words in plural form. This is, of course, incorrect. Yet as authors, it’s best to look out for errors in apostrophe use.

5. The Dangling Participle

Sentences dangle whenever you order one in a confusing way. Your writing, of course, becomes unclear. You should check the order of words to prevent further confusion in such regard.

As you write, always make sure to correct the grammatical mistakes in your writing and apply proper grammar. There’s no telling how many errors that have violated grammar rules for writing. English grammar correction takes time, but with frequent grammar exercises, you can get there soon enough.