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March 7, 2016

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6 Ways in Finding Your Creative Writing Voice

“Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at the blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead.” – Gene Fowler

Most writers would attest to that, for writing is never an easy undertaking. But, do you know that you don’t need to wait for inspiration to hit before you can write something? Yes, you read it right. Get ready to hunt down these ideas for creative writing that have been hiding in the most improbable places. Are you ready to find out where these writing prompts may be lurking?

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1. Observe common things and be aware of their subtle existence. Several things happen every day while no one even bothers to notice how they happen. It is time to trouble yourself with these. Describe how ordinary things function. For instance, how does a water source supply electricity in your district? What makes your neighbor’s coffee taste better than others? Provide explanations to questions like these. Who knows these ideas might be helpful in writing your next story.

2. Deviate from your usual routine. Do you travel inside the convenience of your own car? If yes, take a trip using public transportations such as buses and trains. In silence, observe how things are taking place. Study how the ticket collector checks the passengers’ tickets or how commuters interact with one another. Take note of the fused smell from different people and their belongings. Survey how people live outside your normal life. Most creative writing ideas exist outside your door.

3. Dig up on other people’s emotions. When you concentrate too much from your emotion, it may eat you whole. I am not kidding. And, if you think that digging up your emotion by yourself is not dangerous, think again. Emotion can corrupt people’s minds. Therefore, it is advisable to get ideas from other people about the things that take away your peace of mind. Strike a conversation with others about their fears, victories, disappointments, and grief. Be sensitive to their feelings so you’ll understand how each emotion develops to certain degrees and differs from one another.

4. Listen around you. Be mindful of the sound that plays in your surroundings. Listen to the thud of people’s shoes on the ground. Listen to the birds humming amid the noise of habitual horn signals and sirens from vehicles. Listen to the music aired over a radio. Listen to conversations that you usually take for granted. Take time to listen. For you will discover writing topics in at least one those things.

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5. Trace the road less taken. This moment, take a detour. In the morning, track on the road that you don’t usually take when going to work. Along the way, observe how things unfold before your eyes. Notice the boulevards full of vehicles and people crossing the busy streets. Feel the morning breeze. Allow your body to absorb the heat of the sun. In the afternoon, you may follow the same route when you go home.

6. Attend forums and join writing communities. To win back your creative side, occasional forum attendance might be helpful. A writing forum is a venue where writers can freely throw out and discuss new topics for creative writing. On the other hand, writing groups fill the air with motivation as members read out their works to the group and gather constructive criticisms and suggestions.

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Learning more than what you already know will enhance your skills in creative writing. So, why don’t you take pleasure in noticing the world outside the walls you created? After all, outside has much to offer.

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