5 Surefire Steps to Publishing Success—the LitFire Way

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June 11, 2015

We admit it. Self-publishing is never an easy route—bumps and humps are there more than often, but it’s worth the risk. Let us help you go through your self-publishing journey unscathed, the LitFire way.

This is How LitFire Takes Care of Your Self-Publishing Dream


We draft the route of your success.

Planning is the starting gear of your campaign. Tell us your plan and our publishing consultant will discuss with you your book itinerary, before we start anything.

We wield an unmatched marketing campaign.

We’ll help you make a marketing outline fitting for your book. Our carefully crafted marketing programs will set you up an effective campaign to promote your book and boost its visibility.

We provide a team of professionals.

Self-publishing is a tough drive. To get to your destination, you need reliable pilots—in this case, copywriters, editors, layout artists, web developers, SEO experts, among others. The good news is we have them all in-house.

We track progress every step of the way.

Through our fulfillment officers, we send regular updates of your campaign. You’ll also get a post-campaign report with all the details of the services we’ve offered and completed.

We’ll upgrade your account, hassle-free.

Want to upgrade the service packages you availed? Tell us about your idea and let’s add additional services to step up your game.

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Litfire PublishingIf you want it easy, then self-publishing is not for you.

Contrary to what other people say, publishing a book is not a piece of cake. You will get headaches because you have to take care of everything. After squeezing all the creative juice out of your brain to write your book, you’ll still have to manage the editing, printing, and even the marketing. Plus, you’ll have to deal with registrations and other legal aspects of the book. Tell me, which is the easy part in that scenario?

Okay, I can see disgruntled and discouraged faces already. It’s time to erase those frowns. There is a way where you can go through the self-publishing journey unscathed, and this is where LitFire Publishing can help you. If you’re interested, then check out how we propel self-publishing authors to success.

Take the first step towards self-publishing.

Knowing what you need is the foundation of our campaign. Since we don’t want to offer services that are not in line with your goals, we always take some time in planning your self-publishing journey with us. This is why we will let you talk to our professional publishing consultants before we start. They will help you determine the things that you need when you decide to self-publish your work. And, they will even give suggestions on what to do. In case you have any concerns in the middle of the self-publishing process, they are just a call away.

Meet success in marketing.

Is marketing too complicated for you? Then you don’t have to worry about a single thing. We have marketing specialists who will always have your back when it comes to telling the world about your work.

Once you sign a marketing project with us, these professionals will plan an effective campaign to boost visibility and encourage sales conversion. They will even suggest various marketing programs that won’t cost much but will give more yields. Can you ask for more?

Keep calm during book and material production.

Try to imagine the self-publishing process as a war. What do you need to win the battle? Yes, you need an army – in this case, a team of production professionals. This army would include copywriters, editors, layout artists, web developers, SEO experts and more. The good news is, we have them in-house.

As you begin your self-publishing process with us, these people will tackle your campaign like a professional warrior. Their skills and talents in their fields are considered superior. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your marketing materials. They have it under control.

Get to know the progress in every step of the way.

We don’t just drop a call and that’s it. What makes us different is that we always send updates on the progress of your campaign. Through our efficient fulfillment officers, we offer progress reports every now and then. Every time you have questions or concerns, they will respond to you as soon as possible. And, they don’t just email, they will make follow-up calls if necessary so your campaign stays within the time-frame without affecting the quality of materials.

Not just that! At the end of every project, we see to it that we send a fulfillment report. It’s a document that contains the details of the fulfillment of the services we have offered. For instance, if you’ve signed for a press release service, we will give you a detailed report on when the material was published, where it was posted along with live links that you can click on. Tracking your progress has never been this easy, don’t you think?

Upgrade your account without a problem.

Are you about to finish a project with us? Want to avail additional services? Or do you want to upgrade the service packages you used? Well, not a problem at all. All you have to do is go back to advice number one (which is to talk to our publishing consultants) to start the process without any trouble. Our consultants will be more than happy to give you pointers on how you can proceed with your next project.

So, what do you say?

The perfect day to start realizing your publishing dreams is now! Don’t wait too long to publish your work. If you’ve got the manuscript, we got the rest of the self-publishing process covered. You can trust us with that.

We’re offering you a portal to a smooth and secure publishing journey. Are you willing to take the first step to becoming a successful self-published author?

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