The Power of YouTube in Video Marketing

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November 27, 2017

youtube for video marketingYouTube is one of the most influential online platforms for video sharing. It’s a free resource, so you won’t lose much, as compared to spending for print advertising. As an author, how can you make use of YouTube in today’s increasing technology? Because, yes, YouTube is not just entertainment and music.

Aside from video marketing, with YouTube, you can also build your credibility as an author. Here are a few suggestions on how to utilize its power:

Video book trailer

Think of it as a flyer, poster, or any publicity material you can use to market something—only this is even better because videos have a great impact to people. Using YouTube as your video marketing platform is a wise strategy knowing the traffic there is in every single day—even in every single minute!

Book reading

Host a book reading event in a bookstore or at a coffee shop, and record it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to make a grand event. An intimate one is even better, because it can give people a sense of comfort and belongingness as a community of readers and writers, and who appreciate literature and the power of stories.

Video on expertise

Utilize your expertise and make a video of yourself discussing it. That can add to your credibility so people will be convinced to purchase your book and better, to follow you as a writer.

Informative video

This is one of the videos people normally search for in the Internet, so take advantage of that. Make people visit your channel to get to know you and eventually become potential buyers!

Character or Chapter Videos

Videos discussing the characters of your stories, or snippets for every chapter are also good. But remember to just tease people with little but very exciting details so they’ll ask for more!

Take note of video retention rate and give importance to making sure your viewers stay until the end of your videos. Make them short but on point. Some people get turned off to watch long videos and are more eager to watch shorter ones (think GIFs and even just memes—these are examples of very effective attention-getters). Same as in writing, KISS.

And just like any strategy, make sure to use effective keywords for your captions, so people can land to your channel and link them to your author’s site too.

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