What You Need To Do To Write A Travel Book

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August 18, 2015

When you’ve had your fair share of adventures, you should opt to write about your travels. Why?

A book will make your memories concrete.

You not only get to reminisce your travels with a simple flick of a page, you can inspire others to travel and see the wonders of the world.

And because you can earn from it, you can use your profit to fund your future adventures!

Like any other book, writing about your travels requires planning. And unlike a few of your adventures, you can’t jump in without a clear destination.

You absolutely must plan ahead.

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Above all else, you need to decide what type of book you are going to write. Do you want to write a travel guide? Or a more personal travel journal?

Writing a Travel Journal

A journal, by definition, is a personal record of the events that transpired on a particular day, or, in your case, a specific adventure.

This is how you write it:

1.Write about what you’ve learned.

Take a minute to reflect on your adventure.

writing about travel

How did your trip affect you? What struck you most? What made a lasting impression?

Reflect on these questions and find your answer. Whatever it may be, you can have that as the theme for your book.

It must be prominent in your travel journal.

2.Write your travel itinerary.

Your journal should show your audience the details of your trip.

From your experience, they will know where to go, what to do, and what to avoid. Those details will serve as their travel guide.

Don’t just tell your audience about the beautiful waterfall you explored.

writing travel itineraries

Tell them about the long hike you took to get there. And that the breathtaking view was worth the climb.

3.Write an entry for each day.

Your journal must contain an entry for each day.

Write about the activities that excited you. And don’t exclude the mishaps you encountered along the way.

writing travel logs

Your readers can learn from your experiences.


Writing a Travel Guide

A travel guide is built for a specific audience.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be personal. It contains a number of suggestions such as cheap accommodations and restaurants, tourist destinations, etc.

Your travel guide should be loaded with information, and pictures!

1.Write for a particular audience.

Are your suggestions beneficial for a family of travelers? For a group of friends? Or for a solo backpacker?

A family traveling with toddlers would most likely avoid activities such as mountain climbing and river rafting.

Keep your audience in mind as you write your book. Your suggestions should cater to the needs of your audience.

finding a niche for travel writing

2.Write about the ups and downs of your suggestions.

Writing travel suggestions might sound appealing because it aims to fit your audience’s budget and travel goals.

But, they will want to know a few more details about your suggestions such as the distance from the city, the type of neighborhood it’s in, the state of their establishment, etc.

Always describe the setting of your suggestions.

writing travel suggestions

Moreover, travel guides show you where to go and how to get there, but they often leave out the crowd and traffic you have to fight through to get to your destination.

Give your audience a heads-up!

the dos and don'ts of travel writing

3.Write, and support it with photos!

Always include photos. Not only do they entice your audience; they inform too!

travel photography for writers

You can start writing your travel journal and travel guide while you’re still on your adventure or already back home from the trip.

Just remember these tips, and you will make one fine travel book!

If you’ve blogged about your travels, then use your blog posts as material for your book. Compile. Organize. And publish!

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