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July 31, 2017

How to Use Facebook Ads to Make Readers Visit Your Blogs

How to Use Facebook Ads to Make Readers Visit Your BlogsAs the Big Daddy in social media, Facebook has helped many entrepreneurs and marketers reach a wider audience to promote services and products.

The same is true with bloggers promoting their sites and blogs.

With its friendly interface, available interactive content, and billions of users, Facebook has become the marketing megaphone for advertising.

Heighten your blog’s reach by setting up your Facebook ads now. Follow these steps:

1. Make a Facebook page.

First, create a Facebook page as your author blog. Use Google Chrome browser to access the full interface.

See the top right corner of the Facebook layout under Your Pages, then click Create Ads. Or go to the lower left corner under the Create category, then click Ad.

facebook page

2. Choose your marketing objective.

Choose from the available options, specified at the top part of the page.

Make sure it fits with your blog’s marketing plan and ad campaign.

3. Create an advert account.

Enter your campaign name, and you’ll be directed to the account creation.

Type in your country, currency, and your time zone.

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4. Target your audience.

Define your audience—specific location, age, gender, behavior, interests, and other basic demographic information.

In the Placements category, you can either choose from automatic or edit placements to narrow down your target audience with high probability of accomplishing your goals.

5. Set up schedule and budget.

Decide your campaign’s budget and schedule wisely.

For starters, you can choose the daily budget plan, which helps you to set your objective over the period of your Facebook ad campaign.

6. Place ad.

Choose where the placement of your Facebook ad content is. Read and follow Facebook rules and regulations so your ad won’t be pulled out.

place add
Source: Automotive Social

7. Review and place order.

For the final step, click the green button Place Order, and Facebook will review your blog ad to make sure you didn’t miss anything. After a short review, your ad will be live within an hour.

Setting up your own Facebook ad campaign and marketing plan is one thing; monitoring your number of visits and experimenting on the other options is another, but in no time, you will learn your way around it.

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