To Photographers Who Want to Become Travel Writers But Can’t Get Started

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July 6, 2016

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Publishing Your Own Travel Book

Most people find it glamorous to get paid to travel and write, but it is actually a huge work. The good news is travel writing is for everyone, regardless of profession, age, or background. Pursuing a career in travel writing requires one to be good at writing itself. But if your idea of travel writing is to come up with your own bandwagon of travel blogs, and just basically want to put your experiences to writing, all you need to bring is a good set of pen and paper, and a reliable camera. For photographers—consider yourself lucky!

Travel writer

Test your flexibility

A travel writer’s genuine love for traveling will bring him to unfamiliar places and he will still be able to come up with a good set of story to write. Give in to going to rarest destinations. As a travel writer, you also need to do research. Get to know the places you are going to visit. The real adventure starts when you arrive there.

Know what a travel writer does by imbibing these characteristics:

  • Be observant. You are going to write what you see and hear so make sure you get to jot down the slightest details of your adventure. Don’t just rely on the pictures you take. It’ll be a good habit to write the specifics.
  • Get curious. Travel writing is not just going to places but meeting new people and trying out new things. Try food that tourists don’t eat. Hike to an abandoned building that others are afraid to visit. Get a feel of what it’s like to do something that others normally don’t.
  • Be polite. Nobody wants a rude guest. Make sure you know simple courtesy greetings before embarking on your travel.
  • Voice out. Do not be afraid to ask questions and to start conversing with the locals.
  • Blend in. Do not act as a tourist; dress like the locals. You want them to be comfortable with you.

Know what you want to convey

As a photographer, you convey your feelings through pictures, but here you are venturing into travel writing. So get those words and pictures together with a good start. What do want to tell your readers? Is it the place’s food? The history? The scenery? People’s way of living? The celebrations and festivals? Give an accurate meaning to pictures you want to tell. As a travel writer, you must enjoy every action and experience.

Famous Travel Writer
Remind yourself that most famous travel writers started with simple travel blogs, so don’t fret about not perfecting your grammar. Your gem is honesty.

Aim low for a start

Don’t write a travel book right away. Start with specific mini blogs, and only think about publishing once you get the knack of writing your travel adventures. You can also try writing a unique angle of a place that freelance travel writers have never tried before. When ready, compile your blogs and set your publishing plan on your first travel book.

Being a photographer and a travel writer at the same time is such a rewarding experience. The more you write about your travel, the more you realize how photography and writing can make your travel extra memorable and meaningful.


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