Productivity Booster: 10 Free Time Managements Apps for Writers and Freelancers

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September 7, 2017

Time Managements Apps for Writers and Freelancers

What tools do you use to get things done?

There will always be tons of distractions and endless to-do lists in every freelancing job.

Especially for freelance writers, time management is crucial.

Here we recommend the best of the best time management tools that you can use for free. Use these apps to keep your goals on track and be productive every day.


TrelloYour new best friend for any kind of task comes with colorful boards, lists, and cards. Trello is your ideal task tracker that visually organizes your projects in a clean, seamless process. Set up, write, and manage your color-coded cards, and see what’s due the next day or the next month.


A drag-and-drop editorial calendar program that “gets everything organized in ONE place.” Collaborate and meet your writing deadlines with a smooth work flow so you get your projects done in due time.


DroptaskDroptask is a unique twist of visual and function. Using colorful circles and rings, this time management software gives a visual experience to keep your workload organized in an imaginative and interactive way.


TogglTrack your writing drafts and see the results. Toggl is a free online time tracker that records your tasks for a project, one at a time. It helps track and improve how you handle each workflow.



AsanaAsana is one of the best time tracking tools for small and big teams. It’s more than a tracker and a tool; it aids your progress at work with the additional Inbox tool, and allows you to share lists and boards, attachments and conversations, as well as calendars and dashboards.


CoScheduleOrganize your schedule visually, create and customize your writing projects, and manage your social media and content in one place. CoSchedule is a favorite drag-and-drop calendar tool among authors and freelancers that helps one focus on content and latest projects.


WrikeUnlike Trello and Asana that follows the setup, create, and assign task process, Wrike tracks your time spent on each assignment, then lets you create a project schedule that is shareable to others. Collaborate and customize your writing projects to an actionable and achievable work plan.


wunderlistHere’s the easiest way to organize your tasks and manage your to-dos efficiently. It’s basically a program that helps remind you of due dates and work deadlines. It is available on any major devices.


taskboardFree of charge and easy to install, Taskboard is a Kanban-inspired app that categorizes your task into “To do” “Doing,” and “Done.” Get your drafts done on time and in a simple and straightforward way.


MeisterTaskComplete tasks with your team in real-time using MeisterTask’s visual project boards. The app comes with built-in time tracking as well as an integration with the online mind mapping tool MindMeister. Create editorial calendars, manage article ideas and stay on top of your writing projects at all times.


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