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January 17, 2017

Reach Out to More Readers through the Papers

“How would I be able to promote my book on my own?”

A lot of authors are not very keen about promoting their own book because writing is often a solitary work, while marketing is about connecting to a bigger network of individuals.

But if you are someone who is hoping to make money out of your talent, you need to treat it as a business.


If you have been on the lookout for an effective strategy in marketing your book, you may have to consider print media advertising.

Because even in this modern age, a lot of people still appreciate the beauty of skimming through the pages of a local newspaper, and your target reader could be one of them.

Why Print Advertising?

  • Unlike radio or television, written ads allow for unlimited exposure. A magazine or newspaper that is left on the desk or in a public library can be viewed repeatedly at the viewer’s leisure time.
  • Printed advertisement on certain forms of media can be developed to appeal to a specific target audience.
  • Print ad campaign is a non-intrusive form of media, unlike advertisements in television and radio that interferes with programming, and can therefore be annoying for most viewers.
  • Print media has been around for quite sometimes so they tend to have loyal readership. This longstanding readership helps build credibility and reinforce message through newspaper advertisement.

Through LitFire’s partnership with The Washington Times, one of America’s renowned media centers, authors are now able to reach a particular demographic in a location that gives the highest visibility.

washington times

The Washington Times has a readership of over 100,000 Americans, and distributes mainly in Virginia, Maryland, and District of Colombia. LitFire helps authors get the best value for your money through cooperating with well-established and credible print publications.

Choose among our four packages that offer captivating and vibrant print ad design: Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page, and One-eighth Page. All of these packages are inclusive of a news release and give you the flexibility to choose the preferred ad size.

However, if you are lucky and are living in California or New England, you can get an ad space for print media advertisement using the latest service, Half-Page Duo. It offers a half-page ad in the Washington Times and another half-page ad in the Washington Times National Weekly—all of these in the price of one!

Why Choose LitFire?

LitFire understands the needs of the self-publishing authors. All of Washington Times Print Ad were designed carefully and went through a thorough deliberation in order to ensure efficacy while keeping prices low.

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