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September 27, 2018

Literary Good News

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When the average everyday reader is bombarded with new titles, the competition can be stiff. How can authors stand out the best way they can? A news release keeps you on top of the literary game. Our news release service is the shout-out your book deserves.

On print, a traditional press release appears on a newspaper or magazine. Due to the limited slots, this used to be a very costly option only a few could acquire. There’s also a time element—what were the odds a casual browser would turn into a buyer when your ad only runs for a day? Media consumption statistics indicate that 4 in 10 Americans get their news online. It is projected that digital readership of news will grow by 9.8% annually from 2015 to 2020.

With our news release service, you pay for targeted publicity. We write the content for the press release, then host and index it to major search engines and niche websites. The news release service also comes with RSS feed listing and inclusion of embedded links and an accompanying image within the release.

As the modern day adage goes, anything on the Internet lasts forever. Is your book visible enough? Where will you be when new readers look for you?

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