Social Media Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Book Sales and Help Attain Literary Success

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August 31, 2016

One of the very first steps that you should take when immersing yourself in the literary industry is building a social empire. And by social empire, we are not just talking about posts with hundreds of likes with only a handful of comments. Becoming a successful author does not mean getting only the “thumbs-up,” because really, it has little to do with numbers, but more on engaging social media posts.


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Here’s What You Can Do: Social Media Marketing Strategy

You may have established social media accounts on every social platform there is, but how is it going for you? Using social media as a marketing tool can be quite tricky but definitely doable.


Social Media Marketing


If you really want to boost your sales and attain literary success, use these suggested social network advertising strategies that actually work and many authors swear by:

  1. An interesting profile

Just think about those times when you were looking for the perfect book cover. You were searching for something striking and not looking tacky. The same notion applies to your profile page. It is your advertising tool, which aims to convince people to like, subscribe, or follow you. It should give an impression that you are trustworthy, nice, and likeable. Of course, your social media must contain an updated and clear picture of yourself.




  1. Just be yourself

Advertising your book can be cool on the first week, or even a couple of weeks after that, depending on how well you promote your craft. However, after a while, it can get old and uninteresting. Inject your own personality, hobbies, or interest in your social media contents. This is to keep your followers interested in you, and not for you to come out as a self-absorbed writer who can’t stop talking about his own books.


  1. Give yourself a break

Making sure that your contents are fresh and new every single day is actually harder than it sounds. The truth is this social media book promotion strategy can be overwhelming as time goes by. The key here is to curate contents, instead of creating new ones. Add pictures, videos, and links, to amplify your existing contents.


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  1. Engage and respond

Social media is for authors who want to maximize their reach, which could possibly result to better author profile and higher book sales. Since the purpose of social networking sites is to foster social interactions, an author must build real relationships to readers through encouraging personal inputs. Leave open-ended questions, and have your friends leave their comments to create an engaging environment for dialogue.


  1. Write great posts

Let your posts reflect how great of a writer you are. Believe it or not, your followers can tell if you really are one, just by taking a glance at your 140-character sentence. Make sure that your posts showcase your writing skills. It doesn’t matter if it is about politics, entertainment, science, or just random things. Make these things ten times more interesting through passionate and coherent headlines.


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