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August 1, 2017

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Having a successful blog is great and all, but when the demand of an upgrade arises, you will have to think bigger. When it comes to creating and sharing content, the cyberspace is the best fit. An online magazine can be the next milestone for your creative writing endeavors. Below are the basic stages you need in setting up a lucrative online glossie.

1) Identify your magazine’s niche.

Trendy, geeky, socially- and politically-aware, literary—a magazine can be anything. If you managed a blog before, take note of the recurring topics, the themes and issues you often write about. You can form your niche based on the topics you are already an expert on.

2) Find out if your niche can generate an audience or market.

Check your niche if it’s marketable. You are going for an online magazine after all; it needs a steady following to stay afloat. If the field you’ve chosen doesn’t have a big following, look for another one. If you don’t want to change your niche, find some angles where you can promote it to a wider audience.

3) Conceptualize your magazine’s design and come up with your signature.

Design is one of the factors that gives a printed magazine its unique style. It’s no different with an online magazine; in fact, good design is a must. Come up with your signature as well. What can your digital glossie offer that readers won’t find anywhere else?

4) Get a domain name and start building your content.

Your domain name needs to be unique enough for brand recall but also not too exclusive that it makes search engine optimization difficult.

Publishing your book? Get an e-book version! Use this guide.

5) Build a community.

Through social media marketing and search engine optimization, you can promote your magazine as a brand, and set up profiles and fan pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other popular online platforms.

6) Monetize your online magazine.

Utilize pay-per-click ads or tie up with brands that have the same concept with your magazine and engage in brand building—you can even sell your own products and services. The important thing is to maintain grow your steady following to entice more advertisers.



Know these Easy Tips on How to Publish Online Articles with Ease

Magazines are one of the most read forms of publications. Some people even prefer to read magazines than books. This is partly because magazines offer a wider range of topics and its content can contain snippets of any topic from different books.

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Right now, magazines are not just in paperback, but also in electronic form. Because of the continued use of the internet and popularity of mobile gadgets, people are now reading online magazines. An online magazine is your magazine in digital form—basically a digital magazine. It still has the same aspects with that of a traditional magazine, only that it is distributed differently. It is spread through a faster and more accessible medium—the internet.


The digital magazine publishing industry is a fast growing one. As more people spend more time on the internet, more magazine publishers are also looking into publishing their magazine online. If you are interested in investing to the said industry, here are four friendly tips on how to publish an online magazine.

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Find your niche

The publishing industry is a tough business. You have to stand-out amidst all others who share the same goal and passion as you. So before you create a magazine, you have to first find your niche in the industry. Figure out what your magazine will focus on. Today, most of the free magazines online go with the trend. You, on the other hand, can choose to focus on whatever it is that you think will serve your purpose.

Plan how your magazine will look like

Envision an initial look for your magazine. Research on your main theme and study how other magazines of the same kind work. Find out their similarities and differences, and device your own strategic plan to make sure your magazine will have an edge. Also, figure out your target audiences. Most free online magazines thrive because they cater to a specific group.


Secure cash

A magazine business can be very profitable but also risky. However, the risks can always be minimalized. When publishing a magazine, whether online or traditional, a smart entrepreneur will always secure his investments. The cash you shell out must be returned to you with profit. Luckily, for the time being, publishing a magazine online can be less costly than traditional publishing, not to mention, not a waste of paper.

Find a partner

Just like how an author meets a publisher, you should also get an online publisher. Your online magazine publisher will help you understand how the business works. Online magazine publishers are web development and SEO specialists who will make sure your magazine penetrates the growing industry.

Take your blogging and writing skills a step further through entrepreneurship. Create a magazine and see how far your ideas can go, and how improved your online readership becomes.

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