See Your Book Climb Up the Market through Facebook Ads

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April 29, 2017

Advertising your book takes more than creating your website and displaying your book there. As an author-preneur, you need to adapt to modern times by also promoting your book online.

Especially that Facebook has its own marketing strategy which can be quite a process. Its impact, however, on targeting your audience base makes all the difference.


market through facebook ads


Below are specific ways on utilizing Facebook’s targeted ads to make your readers interested in your book and eventually purchase a copy:

Set up a specific Facebook page.
Think of it as your book’s ID in Facebook. Add all the information relevant to your book, including your website and your book’s reviews.


Wear your target reader’s shoes.
At the start of every ad campaign, always ask yourself: Will my target audience buy this? Study what marketing approaches in Facebook your target audience responds to, and build your Facebook paid ads around them.

Know how to target your audience. Click here.

Put more creative effort in your content.
You—as a creator of worlds yourself—can’t just serve readers the usual dish and expect them to devour it with gusto. Put value (tips and how-to lists) and creativity (images, videos, or infographics) to your content.


Utilize Facebook’s targeting tool for your ad.
Choose who gets to see your ad. You can specify your readers’ demographics, location, interests, and behavior.


Choose the appropriate ad placement.
Facebook has a variety of ad placement options: desktop and mobile newsfeed ads, right column ads, and video ads. Choose the one that will allow you to produce a striking content for your book.

Tip: It’s also a good idea to make a separate landing page for your Facebook ads instead of just redirecting the clickers to your website or Facebook page.

Use Facebook’s A/B Testing.
You won’t need any external tool for this. When you run more than one ad in the same set, Facebook automatically generates this for you. It’s effective in identifying which ads work for your target audience.


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