How to Grow a Universal Readership: LitFire on its Illustration Service

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April 29, 2016

Authors, especially children’s book authors, know the miracle wonders an illustration can bring into their stories. For instance, illustrations materialize an author’s concept of the story and deliver the message to its readers through visual art. Consequently, illustrations make a story understandable even to readers who do not know the language with which the story is written.

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Add-on Service: Illustration

Illustration is a part of LitFire’s ad-on services that consider the design and formatting as significant factors in presenting, promoting, and publishing a book. It is offered as an optional ad-on if the author chooses to publish a book in a full-color package. LitFire covers various graphic illustrations including book covers, children’s story and picture books, and coloring books.


Illustration Input-Process-Output

The illustration service begins with the sketch stage. Initial sketches, simple and clean, focus on the portrayal of the characters and sceneries in the story.

If approved by the author, style is then incorporated to add depth and dimension to drawings. Details, texture, and a 3-D touch incite a funny feeling to the viewer.

Color completes a spectator’s experience of the visual illustration. This is the stage where a preselected illustration is colored first and sent to the author for feedback and approval. The rest of the images are colored when the coloring style has been finalized.


Professional artist crafts creative illustrations that depict the author’s original concept, after a thorough consultation through emails or calls. In addition, formatting and sizing is discussed to meet layout standards.


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To those who seek illustration service for children’s picture book, it is mandatory to indicate which text belongs to what page to avoid confusion.

To those interested in adding illustrations to books with substantial or minimal number of artworks, inserting placeholders within the manuscript will be helpful in determining where illustrations should be placed.

There are three illustration styles that LitFire offers: Bondone, Rembrandt, Courbet. For each style, illustrations can be purchased with the minimum order of one illustration and the maximum order of fifteen illustrations.

Overall, LitFire’s Illustration service does not only put the author’s vision into visual art, but also helps him reach a universal audience through art. Within a world of diverse cultures and tradition, art remains the universal language that effectively communicates to multilingual communities.

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