GLOW Black and White Package: Top Caliber Book Publishing at an Absolutely Cheap Cost

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April 20, 2016

LitFire Publishing offers a broad range of publishing and marketing services through its top quality publishing packages. At LitFire, we make it a priority to not just publish your book, but to fulfill your life’s dream as a writer.  Adept at sharing the author’s story, ideas, and thoughts, LitFire aims to bring books to a larger audience.


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LitFire with Marketing Specialist Richards Stephens (left) and visitor (right) during BookExpo America 2015.


Once you avail of LitFire’s book publishing services, we ensure that your book gets an expert touch from its pre-publishing stage until its distribution; we make your book publishing and selling ambitions a reality. The array of services is for all kinds of books, like fiction, nonfiction, autobiography, travel books, among others.

If you are into travel books, memoirs, and picture books, it would be best if you opt for the dazzling full-color publishing package. But if the contents of your book are mostly text, like novels and fiction books, then the perfect book publishing package for you is the Black & White publishing package.

The Black and White package has been in the publishing industry for more than 1000 years. As mentioned earlier, most authors of novels, collections of poems, memoirs, and fiction and nonfiction books go for black and white book printing. LitFire actually has four different types of Black and White self-publishing package: Glow, Pyre, Ember, and Blue Flare. Let’s highlight here the features of the Glow Black and White package.

What makes Glow B&W Package perfect for budding authors?

This publishing package includes the essentials, such as reader’s evaluation, interior layout and formatting, ISBN registration, and worldwide print distribution.

For reader’s evaluation, your manuscript gets to be reviewed during the pre-publishing process, which is different from the book review services present in other packages. Factors in interior layout and formatting, such as the size of the interior text and the layout of the pages, are ensured for your readers’ satisfying experience.

Aside from the distribution of your book worldwide, LitFire will also secure your book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and will register your book to the Library of Congress. The main advantage of having an ISBN is that book retailers will be able to find and order your book. Registration with the Library of Congress will help librarians find your book in national databases. Commercial suppliers will also be able to find your book through different catalogs from all over US.

The Glow publishing package is therefore is at an advantage for beginning authors since at an affordable cost of $599, it already provides a wide variety of publishing privileges and benefits. With this, your book will be available in paperback and e-book formats, each having a total of thirty images allotted for the book design.

Like other packages, the Glow package has a sales and royalty portal too. This may be the biggest benefit of having your book published with LitFire because you have the luxury of keeping all of your book royalties. They do not keep any amount of the authors’ book sales. So, in keeping 100% of book royalties, you get to earn more money in the long run.


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In general, the best features of LitFire publishing packages are its pre-publishing consultation and a variety of many publishing service choices and promotional services that intend to widen the exposure of your book after publishing. If you wish to, you may opt for the add-on services to make a customized publishing package. Just browse through this website to know more detailed information regarding their publishing and marketing services.