Create Buzz Online Using LitFire’s Press Release Packages

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May 25, 2016

Take Advantage of LitFire’s Press Release Service to Boost Your Market

Most writers publish their work to be heard. A common goal for authors is to share—share information, opinion, skill, and life stories. However, when you publish your book it, does not always mean it’s going to be read immediately, especially when you consider the thousands of other books being published every day. For this reason, marketing your book is highly relevant as it lets people know the book’s existence and if it’s worth their money.

LitFire’s Press Release Service to Boost Your Market

What is a press release service?

Publicity is important, that is why most of LitFire’s packages include a product press release service. To put it simply, a press release is a news article about a product, in this case, your book. Press releases are often blasted online to generate more traffic for a particular product.

Press releases can be of different purposes. It can be written to notify about recent publishing, republishing with a new publisher, or for book promos and samples giveaway, book fair or awards event participation and attendance, or just simply for book information dissemination.

What are the benefits of having a press release?

An author can benefit from a press release in many ways. For example, when an author attends a book fair, a PR about it will update readers. Any online search for the particular book fair will prompt the author’s press release in the results page. This online presence should be paired with marketable content, and LitFire can give that as well.

Who makes my press release?

LitFire has a creative copywriting pool that guarantees high-quality marketing materials. These copywriters are oriented to various press release formats and templates. The process of making the press release involves acquisition of several materials (book samples, excerpts, online reviews) from the author. All of these materials are copyright protected and are used for reference purposes only.

Where are the press releases posted?

The press releases from LitFire are blasted in several websites. Before its release, they are subject for author approval. In this way, the authors can check the validity of PR content and still have full control of the book. The number of blasts and sites where the press releases are posted depend on the acquired package.

LitFire currently has two press release packages: Targeted Press Release and News Release Service. The News Release Service is indexed by major search engines and some prominent online news aggregators. The Targeted Press Release Service allows you to choose a particular market to where your release is blasted, thus giving your book higher chances of being noticed.

LitFire’s press release services make use of this generation’s most acquired media—the internet. With this in mind, your press release is sure to have greater audience coverage and more opportunities. Having a tangible online presence is one of the best ways to market your book, and in the long run, build your reputation and create prominence in the publishing industry.