Allow LitFire’s Developmental Editing Service to Help You Establish a Perfect Content

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April 12, 2016

One of LitFire’s sought-after services is the developmental editing. In publishing a book, a number of self-publisher’s take this stage for granted. What they fail to understand is that developmental editing is a crucial part of the process that can affect the readership population and sale of their manuscript as a whole.

What can LitFire Developmental Editor do?

With the help of a developmental editor, a manuscript can attain its best quality. The editor’s eye meticulously runs through the narrative’s plot structure, character development, pacing, theme, mood, and tone. Moreover, the editor smoothens out other flaws in the elements of writing, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

In the editorial process

LitFire thoroughly guides an author throughout the consultation process of book editing. It honors transparency in terms of clear and consistent communication. Likewise, it initiates a comprehensive discussion with an author’s aspiration and goals for his book.

After the author hands-in an electronic copy of the manuscript, the consultation through phone or email continues. LitFire puts a heart in its work, thus the process becomes effective with an established communication with the author to arrive at a mutual visualization for the book.




The developmental input

Once the editing service is achieved, the author receives three proofs of fulfillment: (1) an edited version of the manuscript enabled to track the revisions made, (2) a clean and edited version of the manuscript, and (3) a literary editor’s commentary.

Author gets the winning hand

The author is given the free will to select as to how the feedback of the editing service is done. For instance, he can request that the editing be done by chapter and expects that the feedback be delivered in the same way. On the other hand, the author can also appeal to get a complete feedback after the entire manuscript gets edited. Either way, LitFire works closely with the author’s wishes and demands for changes.

Overall, LitFire takes editorial tasks earnestly and rigorously to help authors realize their dreams for their book, to alleviate their professional esteem in the writing community, and to make their presence known in the global literary arena.