Prepping for FIL 2015: What LitFire Publishing is Up to

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November 18, 2015

Guadalajara International Book Fair

The Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL 2015) is opening on November 28, 2015! We are so excited since it is going to be our first time participating in the largest book event in Ibero-America! As of now, we are busy prepping for the event to make sure that we will be able to provide a wonderful experience to our participating authors, as well as to the event goers.

Why go to Guadalajara?

Apart from the prestigious book fair that will soon be taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico, there are many other reasons why you should visit the city. Known for the gastronomic goodness that they offer, you’re surely going to have the time of your life devouring their tasty cuisines. They’re also popular for their tequila! Hope that convinces you.

Anyways, LitFire has started joining book fairs, local and international, in 2015. We have participated as an exhibitor at the BookExpo America in New York, the AJC Decatur Book Festival in Georgia, and the Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany.

BookExpo America 2015
BookExpo America 2015
AJC Decatur Book Festival 2015
AJC Decatur Book Festival 2015
Frankfurt International Book Fair 2015
Frankfurt International Book Fair 2015

Becoming a participant in book fairs is one of the effective book promotion strategies, especially for self-published authors. Currently, we have more than 80 participating authors for the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL 2015). Their books will be featured in our booth, and we’ll be giving away their bookmarks. Our 9m2 booth will be located at the GG21 in the Area Internacional. Feel free to visit us and have a chat!

With Argentina as their guest of honor last year, FIL 2014 gathered over 700,000 attendees, including over 20,000 industry professionals. This year, it’s the United Kingdom’s turn to showcase their book publishing industry to the Mexican and international audience. More than 3,000 meetings were held at last year’s eight-day book fair, and for FIL 2015, it’s surely going to be even grander. Exciting!


We have also been preparing a lot of freebies for the event goers. During the book fair, we will be giving away gummy bears, wristbands, and button pins to those who will drop by our booth.So, we hope to see you there!

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