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From Print to Screen: The Film Adaptation

As one of the youngest art forms, cinema is also the most collaborative, uniting elements of photography, painting, music, theater, and literature. It comes as no surprise then that films often take inspiration from varied sources. A film adaptation is defined as the conversion of a story from books, plays, or even video games into Read More »

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A Healthy Way to Writing: An Infographic

Writers with coffee and alcohol addiction is nothing new. Often, they have some kind of odd habits that are too unhealthy. It’s been always the typical assumption that have made the idea of genius linked to madness. Yet despite all these images associated with writers, most contemporary and a number of classic writers beg to Read More »

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Literary First Looks with LitFire’s Book Trailer

Picture this: You’re at the theater early. Every trailer is so gripping that you’re already hyped to see the full movie—and you’re only halfway through your bucket of popcorn! Now imagine building up the same anticipation for your yet-to-be-released book. The act of reading may be a solitary act with the action unfolding in your Read More »

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