Why Marketing Children’s Books Can Yield Creative and Effective Breakthroughs

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June 18, 2016

There are plenty of hurdles when publishing books for children. Although the children’s book market is quite strong, authors still encounter difficulties when catering to a market made for young ones. However, with various marketing and creative breakthroughs in today’s age, the process to sell children’s books is much easier.


Featured childrens book
Featured children’s books at LitFire booth during the 2016 Bologna Children’s Book Fair


Here Are Some Creative and Effective Breakthroughs for Marketing Children’s Books


Understandably, most children’s book authors are torn when it comes to marketing books for children. Luckily, here are some factors to help you in getting on the right track.

  • Branding

Establishing yourself as a children’s book author is perhaps the first step to getting it right. Readers, especially parents, need to know who you are. Before you can answer such question in your head, you first need to consider your reputation among readers, including how well-known you are.

  • Demographics

At this point, you know that you’re targeting children. But have you ever thought of targeting parents as well? Of course, it’s vital that you gain parents’ approval, since the kids’ folks will need to assess how good your book is to read, and how appropriate it is for children. Before moving on to children, consider the parents first.

  • Events

Book fairs and book signing events can significantly boost your book’s exposure. Book fairs generally cost money for participation and registration, but joining one is a good way to reach out to parents and kids alike. Book signing events also rouse curiosity, especially when you do so in a bookstore. You can always ask someone to organize a book signing event for you! Those who offer book marketing services can help out in organizing events.


Bologna Book Event
This year’s children’s book fair was held in Bologna Italy.


  • Retail and Distribution

Whether you want your book to end up at the local bookstore or online, distribution plays a significant role in getting your book out there. Even something like getting your book to a library involves careful planning. If you want your work to spread, consider how you’re going to distribute to the younger audience with crucial market channels. There are plenty of kids’ books for sale on bookstores, so the competition can be tough.

  • Networking

An essential part of distribution is building your network. Parents and teachers make up most of your consumer network. How you build your reputation and worth among parents and teachers also relies on your networking skills, aside from the kind of enjoyment and learning that kids can learn from your book.

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The question of how to promote your book entails much of the factors above as solutions. They’ll allow you to build strategies based on how you present them to be. Go ahead and use them to your advantage to allow yourself to grow, especially in being a writer of children’s books.

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