What You’ll Likely Miss Out When You Don’t Participate in Book Fairs

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July 20, 2016

Now on its 23rd year, the Beijing International Book Fair will begin its five-day event. Starting on the 24th of August, expect thousands of authors, both fresh and new, and publishers to flock the CIEC, Shunyi District in Beijing, China. What will you most likely miss out if you decline this event? Here’s why self-publishing professionals would squeeze their way in international book fairs.


Beijing Book Fair
Beijing International Book Fair 2015 | Photo credit: bibf.net


Here’s Why You Should Participate in Beijing International Book Fair


You may have joined several book shows and festivals, but celebrating Beijing International Book Fair on August 24-28 should be an event you should not miss out.


Sought advice from the veterans

International book fairs are the go-to places of the best of the best in writing. Collect ideas from veteran authors to help you out on your own. Don’t worry about the language at BIBF. The Chinese government has assigned trained ACS personnel who can speak English language well.


Show your book

Book exhibitions are the main attractions in book fairs. See how other authors display their work. Get the best influences in designing book covers, and of course, showcase your own masterpiece.


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Learn the ropes in the business

Get in touch with the publishing industry, and learn more facts about self-publishing. Be updated on publisher’s events, marketing strategies and services, and get contact information. Use this as an advantage to learn the business and build relationship with publishers.


Attend events

There will be seminars, forums, and events. Sit and listen to some of the experts so that you can apply some tips and secrets on your career as an author.


Discover Networking Opportunities

The highlight of the international book fair, most of the authors and publishers believe, is networking. Book fairs are basically the market place for professionals and aspiring writers. It is also the key to gaining popularity and to get readers buy your book. Through its wide media coverage and limitless possibilities, book fairs can be a paradise for you.


Join the Beijing International Book Fair and discover infinite possibilities on publishing and writing.  With LitFire Publishing as your partner, you will be assured of first-class services for your book.

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