What You Need to Learn about Permafree Books

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May 18, 2016

Writing for yourself has become quite a developing trend. In fact, some authors would want to have their books on display—and readers don’t need to pay for them! These authors have decided to publish their books permanently free. So what is permafree’s relevance in the publishing world?


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Here are some of the books displayed during the London Book Fair. These authors surely knew the ways of becoming successfully published.


Know these Pros and Cons When Getting into Permafree Books

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows self-publishing authors to display their works on the Kindle Market through KDP Select. Writers may also opt for the work to be free via KDP publishing. KDP primarily targets Kindle publishers. Through KDP, you may advertise your e-book for free—though you’ll need to come up with a marketing strategy.



Fortunately, there are promotional strategy examples available online to help you start with a relevant promotion plan. Marketing free e-books is surprisingly easy, especially with a sample market analysis in hand.

And while many other writers would scoff at the idea of a permafree book, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages of a permafree work.



  • Permafree books provide exposure

Whatever your reason for writing a book may be, anything that’s permanently free to download will always be attractive to readers. Permafree books are more accessible, especially for those who want a quick read. Think of them as full-length book samples.

  • They give readers a taste of things to come

If it’s your first time writing a book, displaying it permafree may help in giving readers a hint of what your future works will be like. And if you manage to infuse some intrigue into your permafree work, you’ll get more prospective readers for your future writing!

  • Easier publishing and display

Amazon and other online book retailers have a thing for cheaper books. A permafree book will be easily displayed on online stores, compared to paid ones. Permafree books are also easier to make a digital marketing strategy of, since they’re readily available.



  • Can be unrewarding

What do you get whenever you write a book that anyone can download without paying for it? Not money, obviously. It can be frustrating to spend months writing a book that won’t allow you to earn.

  • Readers will dismiss you

In many cases, readers will download your book and dismiss the author, as they may care only about the content and not the one who wrote it. To them, there might not be a lot to look at with regards to who the author may be.

  • Others may perceive your book as lower quality

You may be seen as a neophyte writer and your book may be compared to stories on sites, such as Wattpad and Goodreads. You might struggle getting more traction as a result, and others may see your work as amateurish in nature.

More ways to share your masterpiece! Start blogging your book! Here’s how to get started!


If you’re considering on displaying a book permafree, you’d best be prepared for what you’d garner and what you’d lose in the process. As a self-published author, it’s important to have a self-published marketing plan.

It’s simple enough to get your book out there for free, but be sure to also consider the disadvantages of a permanently free book. That being said, good luck!



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