These Creative Book Promotion Ideas Will Surely Amplify Your Current Marketing Strategy

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July 23, 2016

You’ve probably made an author website, created a Facebook and Twitter page, and even organized a book tour. So far, your book sales are not that bad, but not the best either. How you wish that you are doing better than this. Now, what else can you do? Continue reading, and get some remarkable ideas. We’ve compiled the best strategies that will help promote your book in no time.


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Amplify Your Current Marketing Strategy With These Creative Book Promotion Ideas


  1. The New Marketing Tool: Social Media Content

Social media content acts as your book promotion poster on social networking sites. It helps you endorse your book on different social media platforms, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, the average life span of social media content is between two minutes to three days. Know what type of contents you can post on social media for a powerful content marketing strategy. Read these remarkable ideas for irresistible content in social media.


  1. Boosting Your Online Presence on Facebook

Having over 1.65 billion active users every month, with five new accounts created every second—Facebook is no doubt the giant of social networking sites. As the most visited social media platform, Facebook can do wonders to your book sales and social network. Let Facebook do its magic to your career by turning it into your own marketing platform. Read these super easy ways on how to promote your book on Facebook.


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  1. Pinterest as a Marketing Platform

Pinterest may not be the biggest social media site, but it has over 47 million users! Pinterest may be known for beauty regimens and DIY projects, but it has developed into a diverse marketing platform for businesses of all kinds. Learn how to market your novel using Pinterest by reading this author’s guide.


  1. Press Releases Create the Buzz

LitFire has launched their new set of press release packages to cater to every author’s publicity needs. Press releases are good promotion ideas because they are blasted online to create more traffic to a product, in this case, your book. Take advantage of LitFire’s Press Release services to boost your market.



  1. Getting the Best Book Reviews

A lot of writers only focus on improving their manuscript, leaving the promotional work behind. This often results to low book sales because the truth is, books with good reviews fare better than those that don’t have any. Buyers look for feedback written by other people before they open their wallets. These steps will help you get excellent book ratings.


  1. Blogging a Book

There are some points to consider when creating a book blog. Writers are naturally inclined to write, but crafting an effective book blog is still a common dilemma among authors. This brief guide will turn your book blog into a promotional vehicle.



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