Self-Publishing: Six Things You Need to Know First to Start Right

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August 21, 2016

Do You Want to Publish a Book? Here Are Six Things You Need to Know to Start Right

While traditional publishing may not be the easiest route to take, you can always opt for self-publishing. Herein, LitFire comes to place. Learning from the successes of hundreds of authors under our belt, we’ve come up with six general points that will help you start your own success right.


Self-publishing a book brings you the convenience of getting your book published right away, without any obstacles. With self-publishing, you also have complete control of your work, especially when you go to an ideal self-publishing company.




  1. Finish and Edit

Before you think about publishing a book, you first need to have a finished work. Some publishers will accept book pitches and ideas, even though you haven’t finished your work yet. However, it’s best to have a finished manuscript that is already proofread, as you may have committed errors during the time you wrote it.

  1. Give a Great Title

Books that have catchy or interesting titles are ingrained more in the minds of your readers. You may have already thought of a title before you’ve even started writing your book, but it’s actually better if you already have a concept in mind, and then come up with a title based on that concept. That way, your readers will know what the book is all about.

  1. Hire Professionals

If you believe you’re okay without anyone’s help, you may need to think again. It can be difficult for you to polish your work and edit it yourself, so you may want to hire a professional editor to get the job done. For another thing, if you’re not proficient with graphics design, then you should tap a designer to do your book cover for you.

  1. Get Registered

Publishing a book requires that you fulfill the legality that entails doing so. This includes buying an ISBN and adding copyright to protect your book from infringement. This can be a bit of an annoyance, but fortunately, most publishing companies handle this aspect for you. Check with your publisher, to see if their services also include registration.


publishing a book


  1. Distribute

Most publishing companies aid you in the distribution process. For the most part, however, when you’re self-publishing, you’re on your own. Consider all forms of distribution, such as online retailers, local bookstores, and even libraries, so you can get your book to your target readers.

  1. Market and Promote

Promotion is imperative, regardless if you’re self-publishing or not.  Even traditional publishers encourage authors to promote according to their own means. As such, you should never stop marketing and promoting your book. It’s a great idea to learn about various marketing methods so that you’d know how to reach a wide audience.

Are you ready to publish your own book? If you want something quick, where you gain much control, then consider self-publishing!