Remarkable Book Marketing Ideas for Every Newbie Author

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June 1, 2016

Although publishers and literary agents play a big factor in the accomplishment of a book, it cannot be gainsaid that you as an author has the sole responsibility of making your book a success. As a newly published author, your very first goal is to make a name in the marketing and publishing scene.


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Participating in book fairs is one of the many ways you can market your book. BEA 2015


Answer These Questions for a Remarkable Book Marketing Plan


Indeed, traditional media campaigns still play an important role in the marketing plans for new books. However, they are not enough. What you need to do is to maximize a traditional publicity campaign and reach out to your audience directly by constructing and developing a strong personality with the use of technology. Simply put, broadcast yourself and your book online!  Of course, in order for you to do that, you have to start with the basics first and learn as much as you go along. Since marketing your book requires going beyond the usual advertisements, we lay down these six questions that serve as useful tips to help you create a more solid marketing blueprint.reading

  1. Who is your target audience? Knowledge about who will read your book should be a top priority. Give time for research. Know who they are, what their interested in, and most importantly, what will make them buy your book.twitterlogofblogotumblr
  2. As an author, are you well-promoted online? If you want to foster readership for the long run, attract your potential buyers by letting them know how credible you are. Use the social media for your advantage. It still is one of the most effective book marketing tools out there. Post blogs. Engage with readers. Build your brand as an author.
    1. How good is your book cover? A book’s cover is the very first thing your reader notices. Make sure to keep it to your buyer’s prospective. Is your cover effective? Does it contain necessary details that will compel your readers to buy your book? Make sure that it has enough enticing details like a book blurb and positive reviews. Colors in book covers also matter. Play with the colors well.

Make sure that your book’s content structure is effective as well. Take inspiration from these ideas. Read here.

  1. Have you done effective book promotions? When promoting books, don’t settle for the ordinary. Go out there and do the best you can to promote your book. Once you launch your book, go for international branding by attending book fair events. You can also provide teasers through an excerpt of the first chapter of your book.likeicon
  1. Do you get positive feedback? Distribute free copies of your books to significant bloggers, top Amazon reviewers, loyal readers, and editorial reviewers, and get honest reviews from them. Whatever their feedback is, you can use that as a weapon to become a better writer.
  1. Have you considered giving free copies of your book? Giving free copies of your book is a good start. Your goal is to hook your readers. However, if you have book series, only the first book in the series should be for free. The second book may be for sale. If your book is new to the public eye, give options. Amazon will allow you to promote your book within a limited period of time for a reasonable discount.

These book promotion ideas may take time before you get to see the results. Applied with consistency and patience, you will surely reap the rewards. Good luck to you, newbie author!

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