Proactive Habits on How to Achieve Success in Self-Publishing

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March 5, 2016


Being a writer is tough; becoming an author is tougher. But, if you’re creative, determined, and smart at the same time, publishing your work is not far ahead.

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How these Six Proactive Habits Got Bestsellers to Achieve Success in Self-Publishing


Creative people have a brimming need to create. Most creatives find themselves staring blankly and then something in the mind activates. Something they know needs to get out. Something needs to be manifested in physical form—something that should no longer be just an idea. This is fairly how most books start.


Most renowned authors started with just an idea, a vision, a dream. If they have not followed their creative gut and put these on paper, we would not have books to enjoy.

Today, sharing your creation is made easier. All you need is a manuscript and your book will soon be available to the world. All because of self-publishing. Self-publishing is a fast growing industry that provides a stepping stone for creative authors who with a dire need to share their work. It is nothing to be scared of, because self-publishing is easy and evenhanded.


However, success doesn’t come easily. But when you are proactive and disciplined, your self-publishing goals become an easy reach.


1.) Create

Before you publish, you first have to create something—a manuscript. Whether it be a memoir, a fantasy book, science fiction, inspirational and religious guide, or even poetry, it’s up to you! This is your book and you can decide whatever it is that you want to share.



2.) Edit from a different point of view

The creation of a masterpiece is not the end. To be a successful artist, one must learn how to edit. When you proofread your work, channel an inner publisher. That way you can better edit your manuscript.

3.) Have a second and third opinion

Humility should be a must for every author. To know that one always commits mistakes will be of great help. Only then can you seek help from others. Self- editing may not be always enough, you might not professional help, or help from your friends. This is also an excellent way to get support.

4.) Find a self-publishing company that suits you

There are a lot of self-publishing companies out there, and it’s important that you find the one that suits your needs. A company that will give you the right services for the amount you paid and more.



5.) Do personal quality control for your book

The development of your book should mostly be on your hands. The book cover, the interior, the promotional materials should be approved and checked by you. Nobody knows this book better than you. Be open-minded enough to learn and gather suggestions, but at the same time, exercise control over your craft.

6.) Have a tangible marketing plan

Plan your book’s future. Self-publishing it is not enough. It should be reinforced by a concrete marketing plan that will make sure your book gets noticed and achieve its goals. Try to learn some marketing strategies and continually evolve as you collaborate with your publisher in marketing your book.



The ultimate secret to being a successful self-publishing author is to never stop learning and creating. “Fall seven times, stand-up eight,” is what they say. And while you’re getting back on your feet just follow these simple steps and in no time, you will be self-publishing like a pro!

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