6 Practical Tips to Build Your Reputation as a Writer

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June 30, 2017

How to Become an Authority in Creative Writing

A lot of people say writing is easy—until they actually do it.

The ability to string words into coherent content is a writer’s most basic job requirement; however, you have to do more than that if you want to build your reputation in this field.

build your reputation

Build your reputation as a credible writer by applying these six useful tips:

Strive for high-quality, current, and relatable content.

Everything boils down to your content. Building a large following would not be easy if you don’t produce content that’s worth reading. Know what’s fresh in the market by reading news portals, following social media trends, and joining workshops and webinars in sites such as Content Marketing InstituteWriter Access, and Coppyblogger.

Build and update your own website.

Think of yourself as a brand when you build your reputation, especially online. A website is the most comprehensive online calling card for any brand.

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Include all the important details that will encourage identity recall among your visitors:

  • Your name to show professionalism
  • Links to your blogs and social media accounts to give your readers easy access to your work and for them to contact you
  • A professional photo to project credibility

Connect with other writers.

Build connections with other writers in your community by:

  • Participating in writers’ associations
  • Joining writing contests
  • Submitting your work to publications
  • Joining national conventions

All these will give you opportunities to network with reputable authors and publishers.

litfire booth at bookexpo america 2017
LitFire’s booth at BookExpo America 2017

Write a blog and comment on other blogs.

There are various ways to write a blog. You can start with simple narratives by writing your day-to-day experiences and personal journals. Or you can explore the creatives—poetry, short stories, screenplays, and stage plays. Circulate your name among blogs whose niches are similar to yours or are interesting to you. Leave relevant comments to their popular articles and contribute a guest post, so other blogs and their readers will be familiar to your name and writing.

Publish your work.

Writing a book is a traditional method to build your reputation as a writer. Publishing a good book gives you that much-needed boost; likewise, it can add credibility to your existing brand name. If you haven’t published a book yet, better start writing now.

be social media-savvy

Be social media-savvy.

Social media marketing is a necessary work for every brand. Find out which social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are most effective for you. Here are some things you can do:

  • Use your social media for online interactions and promotions.
  • Consult an online marketing specialist or research to save cost.
  • Respond to positive and negative feedback within 24 hours of posting.
  • Update your social media accounts daily. Your updates can be anything from personal messages to inspirational quotes, videos, and blog posts.

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