Obsolete? How Printed Advertising Proves Advantageous to Authors

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November 12, 2016

The best ads are often imbued in the memories of others. There’s not a space in cities worldwide that hasn’t been filled with printed ads and such. In promoting yourself, you should take printed advertising into consideration—especially if you’re a self-published author. By taking aspects of print ads, aside from using digital means of marketing, you’d be boosting yourself into the limelight.


Printed Advertising


How to Take Advantage of Printed Advertising: Introducing LitFire’s Washington Times Ad Service


Printed advertising has been around since the dawn of marketing and promotions. Even during this time and age, print advertising still plays a crucial role in promotion, and is still utilized by many business organizations. Even though some would assert that print advertising has become obsolete, it still has a part in the modern era.




The world of ads can be a tricky one for many authors out there. Learning the key elements of what constitutes a great print ad can go a long way for writers who want to promote their self-published book. Creative advertisements for a published book are important, therefore, to attract readers out there who are clamoring for an excellent read. No matter the genre, ads can make a significant difference in gaining readership.

  • It’s vital to conceptualize a great print ad design before anything else. In print commercial, being creative will get you anywhere.
  • The best way to get advertisement ideas is to view different ads, limited not just to print, but also includes television and digital ads.
  • The same principles in marketing and promotion, however, remain the same, and in today’s world, it’s a good idea to personalize your ads for you to be able to reach out to individuals. Good advertisements not only get inspiration from other ads, but they also take the consumer into account, before anything else.

Print advertising campaigns can be essential to the success of a certain brand. There are many agencies or organizations out there offering ad campaigns for institutions and individuals alike. As a self-published author, you may also want to look into your self-publishing company’s various offers, because part of them may be ad campaigns that could spell success for your work.

How would you react if you find your book promoted on one of the most famous newspapers in the country? Getting a print ad on newspapers will surely get your work some buzz, which is inherently a good thing, since it’d most likely get you some readers.

The Washington Times, for example, has a readership of over 100,000 Americans. As one of the top media centers in the states, TWT also gives people the opportunity to promote what they have to offer through print advertising. Due to its good reputation, it continues to cater to a growing audience on both digital and print.




LitFire Publishing has since collaborated with the Washington Times to bring authors premium print advertising packages. The list of packages can be found here.

Consider that through a print ad on the Washington Times, you’d be able to get your work to an incredibly wide readership, boosting the potential for more and more sales. By then, you’d be able to appreciate the role of print ads, even in a fast-paced era that is today.