Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Make Book Marketing Less Scary

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September 17, 2016


The horror of book marketing—authors sometimes hope to avoid this feeling. Know that there are no shortcuts here. In reaching publishing success, every author goes through the same process: produce, print, promote. Your challenge is to not get intimidated with the big work that is book marketing. Here are ideas that actually work.


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Here Are Some Marketing Tactics to Battle Your Fear in Book Marketing

We’ve rounded up some of the best marketing ideas, practices, and tactics you can use. The first five ones are standard. In the next set, you’ll even find more attractive book marketing tactics.




The very first thing to do before even considering these ideas is to start at the base. Create your marketing plan first—just a draft, that’s it. Then let’s take it from there.


  1. The Specific Goal. Most authors failed to reach their target goals because (a) their goals are too ambitious, (b) they market their books to the wrong audience, (c) they stop halfway and surrender.At the beginning of your marketing plan, make sure you set timely and realistic goals. Divide your goals, and do small chunks every day. Visualize the mini goals in your marketing plan, whether these should be done weekly, monthly, or daily.


  1. The Target Audience. Analyze your audience. What are their needs? What solutions can you provide? Knowing your target audience simplifies your marketing campaign and assures great sales


  1. The RIGHT Media Marketing. What works best for your target audience? Just because there’s a surge of tools, platform, and social media doesn’t mean you’ll have to use all. Choose the right ones for online marketing.


Don’t forget to set up an author brand and platform.




  1. You Are an Authorpreneur

Start thinking of your book as a business.  Like in real businesses, you have to track results, manage platforms, set marketing campaigns, and handle budget—and take risks.


  1. The Power of Online Communities

Online communities help you discover new opportunities and things your target audience would love to read and hear from a book. You can acquire valuable insights that will matter in your writing journey. These are creative and important ideas that may soon be your guide as you’ll try for a web or social media marketing.

Add some style to your book’s ad! Have you considered book trailers as part of your marketing plan?

However, it only generates its power when you participate and engage consistently.

As a self-publishing author, know that every book published out there needs to be marketed. The work ahead is tough, but you’ve got to push anyway. Otherwise, say goodbye to that bestseller goal. Are you still on track? Go ahead and start with your marketing plan.