Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Make Book Marketing Less Scary – Part II

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September 24, 2016

Have you created a sound marketing plan? Identified your specific goal? Analyzed your target audience? Are you now starting an online marketing campaign? What social media platform have you considered?

Marketing isn’t a one-step process. You have to continue moving forward and take risks. In our first set of marketing tactics, we’ve factored in you being an authorpreneur and using the power of online communities. Here, we take a look on how to improve in this area.


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Marketing Tactics: Becoming an Authorpreneur, Giving Value to Your Readers


1. Treat customers on a personal level.As a marketer, treat your customers—in this case your readers—like a personal friend. Surely, you won’t dread the idea of making friends. Remember that readers buy your book because they want to gain something. Prove an avenue of learning, inspiration, and enjoyment.


If you still find it difficult to find a target audience, use this guide.


Try writing helpful blogs and support different virtual communities. In such way, you will find different opportunities that may help you at your marketing career. Over time, you can make personal connections to effectively sell books.


2. Track your goals. Make use of Google Analytics.Measuring progress is one of the best marketing ways to keep you good marketer knows how to track goals. Doing this will help you gain immediate gratification to keep you at pace, and the results of your marketing efforts are monitored.

Try the basics—use your sticky notes or notepads. Once you develop this habit, venture into Google Analytics. Use it to evaluate your site’s traffic. Track tally responses, web visits, and audience identification. Once practiced, you’ll try to strive better than the last progress.


3. Think like a PUBLISHER.

Most authors focus on their brand names, while publishers focus entirely on the customer. Marketing isn’t self-promotion but mainly audience-serving. Think of how you can serve your target audience. Publishers don’t make contact with a manuscript without distinct selling points and benefits.Keep this in mind when you market your book. Marketing success will follow—especially the credibility of your brand name.


4. Be different.Don’t just copy and paste; create and innovate. Marketing is also a creative endeavor. Bend some rules and your audience will be even more thrilled.




So rather than using an accustomed strategy, try a different approach and observe the result if it’s effective. What is your unique selling point? What sets your book apart from the rest?


Lastly, your book is your product. Book marketing strategy must be combined with a high-quality product to achieve marketing success. Do not just sell books but dreams, hopes, and adventures. So how do you convince your market to read your book? Make a great one.