LitFire’s Participation in Bologna Children’s Book Fair Reaped Successful Results

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April 28, 2016

Ever since its foundation in 2008, LitFire Publishing continues to impress the self-publishing arena. Its participation in the recently concluded Bologna Children’s Book Fair paved way for more authors to showcase their creative works and for the emergence of young authors.


Bologna Book Fair
Some of the children’s books displayed at LitFire’s booth during Bologna Children’s Book Fair


How LitFire’s Participation in Bologna Children’s Book Fair Encouraged Young Authors to Achieve Their Dreams

LitFire, a competitive and fast-growing self-publisher, has been ardent in helping their authors exhibit their books to different markets by bringing them to various book fairs. Among these events is the recently concluded Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF).

Last April 4-7, 2016, the BCBF was flocked by book traders and enthusiasts worldwide. It became the perfect place for children’s book authors to create opportunities and expand their networks. True enough, LitFire, together with its authors, did not waste this chance to showcase their creative works.

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The BCBF is a renowned gathering of children’s publishing and multimedia professionals. It is a rapidly growing book fair in terms of partakers and has shown a significant 15% increase in attendees over the past year.  The recent BCBF manifested this growth with its 1,200 exhibitors and 25,000 attendees. This year’s book fair was also graced by various personalities and prominent government figures from Italy and Croatia.

This year’s BCBF is also a remarkable one for LitFire as it paved way for the publishing of the book Barky the Mouse. LitFire’s Sponsor a Youth Program enabled kindergarten students of Shirley Hills Elementary School to receive copies of the book and provided avenue for the young authors to hold a red carpet book signing event in their school.

Barky the Mouse was a product of Carson Stanley’s vivid imagination.  From Carlson’s creative musing, the teachers together with the students of two kindergarten classes in Shirley Hills created a children’s book with a beautiful story and vibrant illustrations. LitFire published the book and made the book launching and signing of Barky the Mouse possible.

The book was then displayed at LitFire’s booth during the fair.

barky the mouse book

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair did a great job in gathering and encouraging authors worldwide. It has been true to its reputation as the most important gathering for children’s content across all types of media with its growing contributors and social influences.  And with LitFire’s participation, authors were able to expand their networks and find more opportunities.

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