LitFire Father’s Day Special: Heartwarming Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

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June 16, 2017

happy fathers day

Every father deserves something amazing on Father’s Day.

We at LitFire encourage everyone to  let the world know how important dads are. Here are recommended gifts—with their corresponding book suggestions—tailored to complement the kind of dad you have.


For the Sports and Fitness Buff

Dads who are big sports fans and whose fitness matters will love these items. The best thing is he can share some of these gifts—like game tickets and beer mugs—with his best buds!

  • Tickets to his favorite game
  • Personalized beer mugs
  • Duffle bag
  • Fitbit fitness tracker
  • Personal training session

Book Recommendation: The Legends Club by John Feinstein


For the Hip, Techie Dad

Your techie dad must already be updated with these new tech trends, and one of these items may be on his list. Why not beat him to the punch and surprise him by getting it for him on Father’s Day?

Book Recommendation: The World and I by Raphael Tsu

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music enthusiast dadFor the Music Enthusiast

Indulge your father’s musical aspirations with any of these thoughtful gifts. Just like an autographed book, get him an album signed by his favorite musician. Personalized musical equipment like a guitar pick will also melt his heart just as much.

  • A classic or latest album from his favorite band/artist
  • Wireless speakers
  • Customized pick with personal Father’s Day message
  • Tickets to his favorite band’s concert. Visit this site.

Book Recommendation: How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt


family chef dadFor the Family Chef

Everybody loves a dad who can cook. If yours is a chef dad, he will be thrilled to receive these items as gifts.

  • A cookbook
  • Barbecue grill set
  • Apron with a personalized Father’s Day message

Book Recommendation: My Daddy Cooks: 100 Fresh New Recipes for the Whole Family by Nick Coffer


For the Book Aficionado

Oh, a bookworm dad will be delighted to receive an e-book reader like this. But if your dad is the classic type, you can give him his favorite author’s latest book and make it extra special by getting a signed copy!

If you are a father or have a strong influence from a father figure, you can show that by writing a memoir or perhaps a novel that embodies how it’s like to be a father.


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