Introduction to Marketing Your Audiobook

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April 17, 2016

How do you boost audiobook sales easily? In today’s digital world, it’s become simpler for authors to promote their work. With small steps, any author can take advantage of what audiobooks can offer. Marketing requires determination and a few tips to go along the way.



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How to Increase Your Audiobook Sales the Best Way Possible

Audiobooks are often hard to market when compared to traditional books, especially since not many readers have caught on to the trend. Although we live in a digital age, we still don’t see the convenience audiobooks bring, or we’re just entangled with the sort of traditionalism we’re used to as readers. The audiobook market size, therefore, is limited.


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But audiobooks can be the next big thing when podcast marketing is done right. Below are some tips on selling audiobooks and marketing podcasts.

  • Be consistent – Always keep your audience interested. With every new release, it’s best to keep them informed with updates and tidbits of what you’ve come up. Include your audiobooks in your updates. You may also insert a link to your audiobook when doing ebook marketing.


  • Request reviews – With today’s vast online community, it isn’t difficult to ask for reviews. You may send would-be reviewers sample files. You don’t need to pay for professional reviews as sharing audiobooks can be done free. There are always those who are willing to give constructive comments. If you need help, check out ACX audiobook reviews.



  • Put your audiobook up there – There are numerous listings where you’re actually given the opportunity to post links to download your audiobook. You may do a quick search so you’d know where such listings are. Better yet, participate in forum discussions! E-marketing books are simpler when you get it out there yourself.


  • Use social media – Nowadays, social media is an absolute must. It’s best if you create a social media page for yourself and promote your audiobooks and other works. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, taking advantage of social media will always get you out there.


  • Reach out to sources – Audiobooks can best be promoted in schools, book clubs, stores, and libraries. If they allow you to promote through such channels, then take the opportunity to do so! Network marketing audiobooks are easier this way. Online channels like will help you in audiobook distribution as well. Producing audible podcasts can be a great way to do just that.


Many readers are already going beyond their boundaries when it comes to reading. With what you’ve learned here, you can certainly reap the benefits audiobooks have to offer.


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