Increase Your Book Discoverability and Get Your Book Noticed Internationally

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April 15, 2016

Is discoverability ever easy? It can be rather difficult, especially in a saturated market, where self-published authors duke it out just to make their book known to readers. However, the process can be simpler if you as a writer know where to start when it comes to attracting your audience.

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Apply These to Increase Your Book’s Discoverability

Readers don’t really discover books from fledgling authors, even with the ebook revolution which makes it easier to get your work out there with little to no cost. Authors may already have an idea in mind or have actually finished writing their book (and the book publishing process), but the lack of discoverability authors face can be frustrating, apart from getting a book published.

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If you’re one such author who’s having trouble gaining book discoverability, below are a few steps that you can undertake to finally get your audience reading your work!

Get reviewed – Some book marketers recommend having a hundred reviews. Though this may seem exaggerated, it holds true that book reviews will always give your work a boost. Whether your work gets critical acclaim or not, reviews are best for putting your book on the map and solve your book discoverability problems. Here’s how to get your book noticed!

Gain audience attention – What do readers want to read? It’s always the essential question whenever you want to gain audience attention. Make use of online ads, internet forums, and make up promos, so you’ll get readers to check your book out. They’re bound to be finding a book that’ll interest them. Consider your blurb before getting a book printed.


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Examine your blurb – Will readers find your blurb or description interesting whenever they check out your book? Blurbs are vital when getting your readers interested in your work, since it’s how they’ll know what it’s about. For starters, you may have someone review your blurb to see if it can get a reader. Blurbs are essential when marketing your book.

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Automate your email list – Do you have a list of prospective readers who may want to read your book? Then you’ll find an automated email software useful. MailChimp will send your promotional emails for you, so you don’t have to worry about sending them yourself one by one. This method may be intrusive, but it can definitely get your book found!

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Make everything professional – You may already have a website or a social media page, but you first need to make sure they look professional, especially when a cluttered or contrived site could damage your reputation. Professionalism can give you a sense of authority in book promotion and book distribution, even with self-print books! Use this as part of your book marketing plan.

Getting your book out there can be stressful, especially when you’re a budding author struggling to have your book read by your audience. With the guide above, it won’t be as difficult to get your book discovered.

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