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August 7, 2016

We all have read that one book that transported us to a new world—a new place that gave us a different individuality. Punchy lines, comprehensive plot, appropriate pacing, and true-to-life characters; this book has it all. Good books—no scratch that—great books have individual elements that create a synergy of emotions, and words that awake empathy, a book that your readers would want to read. How can this be achieved?

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What Every Self-publishing Writer Needs to Know About Developmental Editing


It is every author’s challenge to provide a temporary haven for those who want to escape the physical world. You have to make readers believe that the story in your novel is truly happening, and that these characters are made up of flesh and blood. Sadly, many authors rely on the subjective opinions of their friends and family in strengthening the structure of their novel. A good content is brought about by a rigorous try-and-error process, and substantive developmental editing.

Why purchase developmental editing services?

Are your characters multi-sided and realistic people, or are they too-good-to-be-true and boring? Does your novel offer minimal transition, or does it provide a skin-tightening speed?

Editing and proofreading experts look through your narrative’s plot structure, character development, pacing, tone, and mood. With the help of LitFire’s skilled developmental editors, your manuscript can achieve its best quality. Book editors also smoothen out other flaws in the elements of writing, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling.




Why choose LitFire’s Manuscript Editing services?

LitFire thoroughly guides authors throughout the consultation process of book editing. LitFire’s job is to polish the book until it shines. The literary editors of LitFire make sure that they have a unifying goal with the author, and this can be done through a clear and consistent communication from both parties.

As soon as the author sends an electronic copy of the manuscript, the consultation is then started through phone calls or e-mail messages, whatever medium suits the author. LitFire takes pride in always being able to establish clear communication with authors; thus, delivering credible results.




The proofs of fulfillment

After a meticulous process of line editing, the writer then gets three proofs of fulfillment:  (1) an edited version of the manuscript enabled to track the revisions made(2) a clean and edited version of the manuscript, and (3) a literary editor’s commentary.


Author gets full control

No writer wants their copyeditor to make huge alterations to the point of losing the author’s voice in his own novel. LitFire acknowledges every author’s right to have a say on how the manuscript gets edited. LitFire also recognizes authors’ feedback and complaints, should they have one.

Moreover, the author will have the free will to choose how the feedback on the developmental service can be done. For example, if he wants the editing to be done by chapter and to be sent in the same method, LitFire will do so.


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Your job as an author is to create, rewrite, and revise. While the developmental editor’s goal is to make sure everything fits together perfectly, and that all elements are working together. Developmental editors are your book’s engineers. They see to it that there are no gaps and holes present in the construction, as these flaws could most probably lead to the destruction of the whole structure.


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