How to Increase Your Book Sales and Actually Sell Your Book

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March 14, 2016

Effective and Efficient Tips to Increase Book Value

While a multitude of authors thinks that self-publishing is a very tasking and expensive track, many also agree that it opens an opportunity to easily infiltrate the publishing world.

Lean how to network and build successful relationships with the key players in the field.


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Effective Tips on How to Increase Your Book Sales for a More Rewarding Self-Publishing Experience


There are authors who recommend blogging as a venue to sell one’s books. However, a number of authors have tried and failed in that aspect. By the time an author realizes that blogging is not enough, he’ll know that the only way forward is to not give up.
So, how do best-selling authors make it to the top? Check out these useful tips that can help you in your journey in the self-publishing industry.


Produce your book in its best form.



  • Create or buy a fantastic design for your book cover. The cliché, “Do not judge the book by its cover,” doesn’t apply here. The first thing that attracts readers to notice your book is its cover. Therefore, it is critical to produce one that is eye-catching. Learn how to market a book through an appealing cover. Here’s a checklist of an effective book cover.
    •  Eye-catching book title
    •  Original and creative cover design
    •  Well-formatted book thumbnail that will look good on a Kindle or any mobile device
    •  Has author name, about the author section, book summary, book reviews, and ISBN


  • Craft a unique title. Creative titles are those that can intrigue, probe, persuade, inspire, or instill fear. Consider the following in catchy titles.
    •  Create benefits, answer needs, or incite an action from its readers
    •  Start with numbers
    •  Begin with what, why, how, or when
    •  Use triggers such as principles, secrets, and tricks


  • Your book’s subtitle is as important as your cover and your title. In it, you can reveal general ideas as to what your book is about or the benefits one may get after reading it. Most of the time it answers the question, “Why should I buy this book?”


  • Let your work be edited by professionals. Professional editors will do these things for you.
    • Substantive/Developmental editing
    • Copyediting
    • Proofreading
    • Formatting
    • References/ Literature Cited
    • Book review

Hack your way to Number 1 on Amazon. Follow this guideline.

Build your brand.

  • a3Utilize pre-existing platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing. Readers are already using it for a long time and have put their trust in the system. Why not maximize your book’s value through KDP select?
  • Generate leads and create an email list. Send an email blast pitching other products and services to customers.
  • Publish more books that cater to the needs of potential customers. There is a big chance for ballooning sales on non-fiction books such as in the self-help category. This will only happen of course, with in-depth research and proven results.
  • Get your book reviewed. In exchange for an honest review, hand-out free copies of your book to bloggers, Amazon reviewers, and fellow authors of the same genre. Use those reviews to promote your book. Eventually, your book sales will improve as your bookselling efforts reduce. Here are the benefits of getting your books reviewed.
    •  Visibility to readers. Surely, you dream of seeing your book tagged as the best of the best.
    •  Creates interaction among readers. When readers enjoy reading your books, they’ll likely share it in their respective reading/writing communities.
    •  Affects costumer buying decisions. Good reviews will inspire people to buy your book.

Become an influencer.

  • Get exposure online by updating your social media accounts. Here’s why you should be visible in social media.
    • You can network with other authors and other professionals in the self-publishing industry.
    • Readers will look up for you. They want to know their favorite author.
    • Fans will likely share your work. Some will re-tweet or even re-blog your status.
  • Join and interact in writing/reading communities. Most of the time, they are the right people to make friends with. They will not be only interested in knowing you, but also, they are reliable and helpful in promoting your book through word of mouth.
  • When your book has become the number one best-seller in Amazon, it entails that readers love your work and think you’re an expert in the field. Act like one. Let it be the start to charge rates for speaking and consultation services. This is the time when your income comes not only from the royalty sales of your books, but also, from consultation and speaking services you are willing to offer.



You are now equipped with marketing strategies for your book. Some will work for you, while others will not. But, if you apply them passionately, success will work its way towards you.

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