How to Create a Book Marketing Plan That Actually Works

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August 1, 2016

A book marketing plan is vital for authors who want to take promotion seriously. Self-published authors go through plenty of trouble marketing their books since they’d rely mostly on themselves for help. While publishing companies offer book marketing services, authors can also get started through a book marketing plan.

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Get Ready to Craft Your Book Marketing Plan Using This Strategy


You may already understand that a good amount of responsibility lies on the author when it comes to marketing books. You’re going to deal with plenty of obstacles along the way—hardships that’ll get in the path of promoting your book. And thus, a book marketing plan becomes helpful.

Here are some considerations when creating a book marketing plan:

  • That there’s a market available for your book in a certain genre, so you can tailor your promotional methods to cater to a particular audience
  • If your book is any different from other books of the genre, where you’d need to focus on standing out from the rest
  • How you’d be able to reach your audience in promoting your book
  • The design of your book cover, and how attractive it is to potential readers

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Authors need to exert plenty of effort in book promotion. What they lack, however, is focus, as authors often jump from one promotional method to another. After getting a book published and printed, authors need to think like marketers, focusing on communication and promotion.

Ready to start? Here’s an outline for your book marketing plan.


As the name implies, here is where you describe your book and the marketing conditions that apply. State your goals and objectives, as well as your marketing strategies. If you can sum up the entirety of your marketing plan, then great!

Target Market

What’s the audience for your book? How old are they and where do they live? What are the needs of your readers and how do you intend on addressing them? Reaching out requires you to do more research.

Market Analysis

Speaking of research, here’s where you analyze markets, including changes in consumer behavior, technology, and the like. Identify your distribution channels, as well as the market forces that could affect sales.

Competitive Analysis

Here’s where you identify who you’re up against, as well as your edge over your competitors. You also need to look into how well your competitors are doing, and their methods of promoting and distributing their books.

Objectives and Goals

Have you set the number of books that you want to sell? You need to determine a goal, but make sure it’s realistic. Having something to aim for can motivate you further.



What do you intend to do to meet your marketing objectives? Here’s where the 4Ps of marketing come into play. By analyzing the 4Ps, you can formulate a strategy that works.

  • Product

Your book in itself, which you believe caters to your target audience. The product has to fulfill the audience’s desire. Thus, readers need to take interest in your book for you to fully succeed.

  • Place

Where do you intend on selling your book? Do you plan on going for online retailers, local bookstores, or both? Where you sell your book entails strategic considerations.

  • Price

Do you think a specific format for your book is too cheap or too expensive? Do you believe you can garner profit out of the price you set? Take note that readers will always consider the price in their purchase.

  • Promotion

Here’s where you find methods to get your book to your readers. There are numerous ways you can do so, and the best approach really depends on certain factors.




Action Plan

When acting on your strategy, identify the methods you can apply to reach your goals, whether you go for book signing events, or mailers. This part is especially important, since here’s where you finally take action.


Most importantly, consider how much everything will cost you. Set a budget and make sure you limit yourself as such. Research how much the marketing plan will cost you, and allocate funds accordingly.

A book marketing plan does take plenty of work, but in the end, when done right, will yield success. Be persistent with your goals.

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