Have You Considered Using These Marketing Plans?

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September 3, 2016

Marketing plans are always essential whenever you’re promoting your book—especially in self-publishing. Considering the many factors that affect the marketing environment in 2016, it’s always good to take into account the different trends that could spell success for your work. Need to make a great marketing plan for the modern audience? Here’s how!


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Here Are Marketing Plans of 2016 to Take Advantage Today

A marketing plan is used by any business, hoping to sell and promote their products or services efficiently. While this may be common for many, it’s strangely unknown for those who are starting out, but you don’t need to go to business school to write your own marketing plan. All you need is a trusty guide to make use of.



What current trends do you need to learn in creating a marketing plan? Since the marketing landscape is ever changing, it’s vital that you adjust accordingly, as with everything in today’s age, things transform dynamically.


1. Long-term relationship

In today’s era of marketing, emphasis on author-reader relationship is very important. Your persona is essential when creating your marketing plan, so at the very beginning, be someone that readers can trust. Your goal is to create a more personal approach and achieve a long-term relationship. This strategy works best with good content marketing.


2. Interactive content marketing

Since marketing nowadays (which includes book promotion) rely much on empathizing with your target market, create and market content that will focus more on your reader’s preference—that is, content that targets their needs and desires, and provides solutions to problems. Establish a brand identity that promotes a closer connection between you and your readers.

Here are some interactive content:

  • Storytelling. Create a podium that will allow your readers to connect their stories to yours, or perhaps one that will allow them to create their own.
  • Blogs. There is magic in creating blogs, but make sure you use varied styles when creating them. You can use the reliable how-to type, or the readily accessible FAQs, checklists, and interview types. You may also pick more intricate ones, such as case studies and research. Whatever it is that you’re going to use, it’s good to insert probing questions and arouse curiosity.
  • Series posts. You can create interaction by leaving a storyline, or a blog, hanging. Tell your readers to watch out for the second part, to know what happens next.


3. Visual content

Text-based content is very important in marketing, but photos paint a thousand words—the cliché that is, but very much useful. Use photos and videos in your content marketing. Here are other ideas:

  • Infographics. Instead of writing everything, pick important words and connect them through graphics.
  • Image quotes. Pair a powerful quote with a powerful image, and you are set to win your readers attention.
  • Live streaming. The very famous Facebook Live, for example, can help you reach more people fast and easily.
  • Social videos. While your main goal is to promote your book, it does not hurt your marketing plan when you share videos of your personal hobbies, or when you are with your family and friends. Be human.


4. E-mail marketing

This strategy has not lost its touch. Efficient and cost-effective, reaching out to your audience via e-mail still creates wonders.




5. Social media marketing

Most businesses today rely on Facebook groups and pages to promote their brand. Do the same! But don’t forget to interact and engage with your readers. Have fun and create conversations that will drive closer connection.


6. Mobile optimization

Everyone already has access to mobile apps and websites, and a good user experience is essential whenever you decide to use such methods to market your self-published book.


Don’t forget to document your plan!

When marketing your self-published book, it is important to take note of your strategy, including the content you’re aiming for. Document your target audience, as well as your established ones. Your brand marketing strategy needs to be assessed, to see if it’s still relevant.


Press releases also help boost your marketing plan. Know how to take advantage. See here.


You may not feel the need to come up with a marketing plan at the moment, but when the time comes, it will be a good idea to have one, just in case. Even then, if you’re a writer opting to self-publish, and you’re tasked with the burden of book marketing, you may not know where to start—and things might get tough from there.

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