Five Extremely Common Challenges That Freelance Writers Face and How to Solve Them Easily

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December 17, 2016

Freelance writing can be fulfilling for those who’ve been garnering success in such trade. And nowadays, many have ventured into the world of freelancing. It’s apt to say that freelance writers can pretty much have it easy once they’ve gained some considerable reputation among those looking for freelance writing services.

But what exactly are the biggest problems when it comes to how to be a freelancer? How should freelancers face them and what would solving such problems give them in the long run?


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What are the common challenges that freelance writers face?


Freelance writing isn’t without challenges. To get paid to write, there are still plenty of obstacles that plague many freelance writers. It can be tough for those who are just starting out, and it makes sense that they’d further need to polish their skills and their status among clients looking for writing services that they offer.




We may not all be familiar with the various challenges freelance writing pose, but they are actually ever prominent among the circle of writers. It’s worth noting that even the best freelance writers out there still experience the many problems that newbie freelancers experience. This only goes to show that not even the best is spared from different writing challenges.

Here’s a quick rundown on the plentiful difficulties that a lot of freelancers face:

  1. Looking for Good Clients

Client acquisition is often a challenge posed by the freelance world to writers aspiring to have their own way. On many sites with freelance writing opportunities, good clients are really hard to come by, and would often entail hours or even days of searching. It doesn’t help that some of the clients would only want to pay a measly fee for freelancing services.

Solution: You can always send proposals to clients who’ve received great reviews, especially in terms of how much they’re willing to pay contractors.




  1. Handling Clients in General

On many freelance writer websites, some clients are easy to deal with, often giving you clear instructions and having no problems with compensating you for your work. But working with some others can be a total pain. They may retract from paying you the actual amount you talked about, or perhaps they’d give you a workload that’s far more than what you bargained for.

Solution: The solution to such problem is simply dropping the client and finding another one. Although it may be difficult finding a new client, it’s far better to just quit it than put up with the stress and underappreciation bad clients give you.


  1. Getting Writing Ideas

For most professional writers for hire, it’s a fact that idea generation can be the toughest task any author can handle. While there may be times that ideas come easy, there are also periods of block that prevent writers from getting a hold of new ideas.

Solution: The general advice to handling writer’s block is to leave the work alone for quite some time, instead of forcing yourself to deal with it and trudge through your work. You may be on a deadline, but you can always spare a few moments to recuperate.


  1. Stability

Unless you’re already an established freelancer, attaining stability is often tough for freelance writers. Project-based tasks commonly plague circles of writers who are just starting out. Those who’ve just begun their freelance journey would want to take on as many jobs as they can, just so they could earn a good amount for freelancing.

Solution: You just need to be patient, and persevere with the cutthroat methods of getting paid, so in the future, you can build a good reputation and clients will come after you based on the skills you’ve garnered throughout your freelancing journey.


  1. Distractions

Sure, you’re working at your own accord anywhere you want, but unlike in an office environment—where you’re compelled to just focus on your work—being at home or anywhere else can yield plenty of distractions that could jeopardize your writing work. It’s not really favorable, wasting hours away just because you’re distracted by something close by.

Solution: What you can do is to simply just develop a routine and to discipline yourself. It’s cliché, but always remember that one’s willpower can make a huge difference.


Whether or not you’re venturing into becoming a freelance writer, always remember that there are solutions to every challenge you face. If you’re ready to go for making money as a freelance writer, then it’s best that you have a clear view on what to do.