Effective Strategies to Get People to Read Your Romance Novel

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October 22, 2016

Romantic love has been a dominant theme in literature since people started writing stories. Love novels have drawn the interest of mankind, generation after generation. It is no secret that the romantic fiction remains the best-selling genre of the book market. But with the thousands of romance novels published daily, how to make yours stand out?


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Five Hot Ways to Market a Romance Novel Title without Spamming Your Audience

The publishing industry has been looking for ways to meet this growing demand of readers who purchase hot romance stories one after another.  If there is a huge demand for romance novels in 2016, does that mean it’s easier to market romantic fiction compared to other books? Well, not necessarily. But there is a way around it.

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LitFire, being one of the frontrunners in self-publishing announced its newly-released RAD Romance Publishing Package. This specialty option comes with three various packages, with each option providing full design, production, post-production, and marketing features.


As a romance novel writer, there is so much more you can do aside from begging for book reviews, posting on twitter, and hosting page-building contests. Below are five tactics that will get your romance book title in front of your potential readers.

Give away free samples.

And by samples, we are talking about a small portion of your book so readers are informed what your book is all about. Give away the first part of your book because you want readers to get hooked on your story.

Use your book as your credential.

Say for example, you’re writing a fantasy romance set during medieval period, and you are also quite knowledgeable about this period in history. Use this knowledge as your hook for press releases. Write and publish a news release about the medieval infrastructures that romance novelists must visit in your state. Your aim is to be referred to as an expert on this subject and using your book as one of your qualifications.


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Get free media exposure.

Research shows that media publicity works ten times better than book reviews alone. You can get your contemporary romance book publicized for free, unless you hire a publicist, or pay for press release services. The best thing is that you don’t need to build connections with journalists to get media exposure.

Write accompanying short stories.

Create short stories using a character from your main book as your protagonist. However, these short stories must be priced extremely low, so readers are encouraged to know more about the larger pieces of your work.


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Use social media wisely.

Social media is a social hall rather than a marketplace. So before you start spamming your friends with hard ball sales pitch, ponder about what your long-term goals are. People are constantly bombarded with marketing pitches and advertisements, so know that hard core selling tactics will most likely push them away. Create a web presence through making friends and creating real connections.