Easy Writing Hacks to Fuel Your Creativity

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October 29, 2016

How do you handle writer’s block? What writing hacks have you imbibed that helped you become the author you are today?

The author you are now has been a wonderful journey, but for some, the path leading to the success of their published books was perhaps a whirlwind of many challenges. Are you writing your next bestseller now? Be reminded of these writing hacks to help you fuel your creativity.




Anyone who has come across writer’s block knows exactly how scary it is to stare at a blank page and come up with nothing. While there is no secret formula that may magically turn you into an epic writer, there are a several strategies that will make writing a tad easier.


Find your peak hours.

There is always that time of the day when your fingers can’t stop typing. You just get lost in your own thoughts, and the words just keep flowing freely.

A simple writing hack—whether you are writing a part of a long novel or just entering a quick essay—is to write in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening for a whole week. Jot down a quick note after every writing session showing whether it was difficult or easy. After a week of doing this, you will know your perfect writing time.


Bring a notebook wherever you go.

Jotting down random ideas on a sticky note may initially sound like a great idea. But before you know it, you are covered in them from head to toe.

Invest in a cheap notebook where you can log some catchy phrases and write ideas for new stories. Choose a cheap notebook over a fancy one because you may get too intimidated to scribble down some spur-of-the-moment thoughts on a rather expensive-looking notebook.




Follow the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique was first created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s and has only become a popular management strategy in recent years. The mechanics are quite simple: For every twenty-five minutes you spend on writing, take a five-minute break.

This article writing hack is effective in helping writers get more things written because of the knowledge that they are racing against the clock. The Pomodoro Technique encourages authors to write in short bursts and then take a break, so they can come back with a new mindset and fresh eyes.


Disconnect yourself.

How can you write a creative piece of writing in a world full of chaos? Simply distance yourself. Go somewhere and detach yourself from friends and family, as well as from any form of technology. Turn off your computer, keep you mobile phone away, and reflect with your inner self. You can jump on your laptop from time to time, but minimize your time spent in front of the screen.


Be a voracious reader.

How to start writing? Read. A lot. Good writers read whatever form of literature they get their hands onto, may it be books, articles, magazines, periodicals, blogs, and so on. Writers need to read someone else’s work to know what a good writing looks like, what works, and what doesn’t. Be a good book critic and learn from these writers’ mistakes to avoid making them yourself.


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