Easy Instagram Hacks on How to Promote Your Book

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March 29, 2016

5 Doable Tricks in Getting Book Readers Using Instagram

Social media is a very powerful tool to keep your followers engaged and for them to eventually buy your book. If you want to instantly spread word of your book, take advantage of social media platforms. Let’s talk about Instagram and profit on its popular features. Read more.


Certified Spiritual and Herbalist Healer, Cami Onolfo (right) signs book, Miracle Herbs, at LitFire booth during FIL 2015. Onolfo also uses Instagram to promote book and share topics about health and wellness. Check her out at instagram.com/camionolfo/



As a writer, how do you keep your followers on Instagram engaged so that they will eventually make a purchase of your book? Aside from posting regularly, you can take advantage of a number of Instagram features in promoting your book.


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Before going into the details of promoting your book through Instagram, you have to set up an account first. The following are a few important elements at this stage:

  • Profile picture.  This should provide information on the nature of your book as well as what it can offer to its prospective readers.
  • Site URL.   Make sure the URL of your website is visible enough in your profile, so that anyone visiting your account will know how to find you outside Instagram.Networking

    Connect your Instagram account to other social media pages:

    • Facebook — because it still is one of the top social media platforms
    • Twitter — for you to be able to take advantage of the trending topics
    • Tumblr — to be able to share photos

This will immediately lead people to connect and follow you. Make sure to also network with book reviewers and bloggers who are active on Instagram.

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Relevant and Inspirational Photos

When you share relevant and inspiring photos of your book, you stimulate your readers’ emotions.

  • Take pictures of scenes similar to what is depicted in your book and share them on Instagram.
  • Determine the things that your target audience wants to see. For instance, romantic fiction authors may post images of romantic scenes (like a table with red roses and lighted candles set for two).
  • Enhance Instagram images. Take advantage of apps and filters.

Trendy Hashtags


Hashtags allow Instagram users to connect to people with similar interests in the social media platform. It is one of the biggest features of Instagram such that if a celebrity uses a specific hashtag, it is sure to cascade online quickly. As an author, you can use hashtags to indicate a new book release. If you have a hard time making hashtags, just think of the visual pieces of your work that you can put together for your audience.


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Instagram Videos
Your potential readers will be interested in videos from any of the events you attend for your book:

  •  Book exhibits
  •  Awarding ceremonies
  • Readings at libraries
  • Writing environment

Sharing videos gives followers an idea of your personality at work. Fifteen second video clips in Instagram can bring things easily to life. The best outcome that you can target with your videos (and also photos) is promoting your book through a viral trend. What’s important is to tell a story, create an experience, and showcase your book in a unique manner that is beyond the expectation of your followers.

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So, equipped with what Instagram can do to help you in your marketing efforts, you might as well reward your followers with freebies and promotions so that they will turn out to be your avid readers in the end.

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