Dealing with Writer’s Block

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May 28, 2016

Every author out there experiences writer’s block. It’s a natural process common among writers. Writing, after all, is a draining task and we might use up all our creativity and just halt halfway through our work. Admittedly, writing is not an easy thing to do, especially when you’ve lost motivation.


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Taking inspiration. Successful author Carol Craig Cowan-Lanyon in a book signing event at Tucson Festival of Books 2016.


How to Battle Writer’s Block

Authors do have some trouble pulling through a period of writer’s block. At times, not even writer’s block software and other tools for writers can help. You may even exhibit writing anxiety symptoms.


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Fortunately, there are some methods that serve as writer’s block cures for authors out there. Here’s how to proceed with writing—a manual for writers who wish to keep it brief.

  1. Fall in love with the story all over again

What made you want to write the story in the first place? Why did you want to write it and how did you come up with it? Here, you can review your outline of the story, look back on the development of your characters, or read the whole thing again, up until the point where you’re stuck. However you want to do it, getting into the tale again will help you regain your enthusiasm.

Need for more writing ideas? Here’s your inspiration. Read this.

  1. Write as many words as you can once a day

Sure, it might be a drag to even write, but if you can force yourself to come up with even just a hundred words every day, then you’d be able to further the plot of your story. After which, you can leave it alone for a while and come back to make edits and review how fitting it is for the story as a whole. Finding relevant writing topics can also aid you in coming up with story writing ideas. Follow a writer’s guide as you go along your way.

  1. Think about what’s hindering you

This is an essential part of the writing process. Perhaps it’s a scene. Perhaps it’s a plot twist. Perhaps you feel like you have to trudge through pages of paragraphs just to get to the good bits you’re actually eager to write. You may either force yourself to place words into every blank page until you get through a chapter or scrap everything altogether and do another scene.

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  1. Find inspiration among your hobbies

Maybe you’re the type who loves to go outdoors. You can always do so and find inspiration among nature’s wonders. Perhaps you like playing video games. You’ll find something to write about as you pay attention to a game’s story. When it comes to writer’s block, games with deep stories can be useful. You might also want to invest in reading books for inspiration. Additionally, there are numerous creative writing exercises and writing resources online. You may join writer’s conference too!

  1. Forget it’s there

Here’s the thing: writer’s block may not even exist at all! Developing routine is everything, and you need to acknowledge that being an author has its dull moments. But overall, isn’t life like that? Discipline yourself to follow a method to continue writing and all will fall into place—especially with the correct writing techniques and strategies for writers. Keep in mind the vital rules for writers.

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Do you have other writer’s block exercises you can share with everyone? Why don’t you go ahead and impart your knowledge with the world? Authors could sure use additional book writing tips!


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